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Review Of Literature This Is The Paper I Wrote For Science Fair In 7 Grade. The Subject Is: "What Is The Effect Of Coca Cola On Marigolds", So It Has Info About Coke And Marigolds.

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Review of LiteratureDid you know that Coca-Cola will eventually rot your teeth away and eat atyour stomach? Also did you know that if you won't drink any kind of pop you willhave more energy? Well it's all true! I will now tell you some facts about plants,marigolds, and Coca-Cola.Plants are organisms that, like everything else living, are made up of cells andthey are in the Plantae Kingdom (Gale encyclopedia of science, p. 2893-2894). Theearliest know plants that occurred were the ferns, and they appeared about 400million years ago (Myatt). Plants get their energy from the sun by a process calledphotosynthesis and take in food and water by their root system. Then it travels up thestem and to the leaves or flower (Gale Encyclopedia of Science, p. 2894,2896).If your plant looks sick it probably has a disease. Plant diseases can beinfectious, meaning transmitted from plant to plant, or noninfectious. Noninfectiousdiseases are called disorders and are most common among plants. Some disorders arecaused by lack of nutrients, too much or too little water, polluted soil, or polluted air.Weather can effect a plant's growth too, for example: too much or too little sun(Gale Encyclopedia of Science, p. 2904)Now I'm going to talk about Marigolds. Marigolds are popular half-hardyannuals that are grown for their bright, wide flowers and bushy mounds of lacy,green leaves. The African or American Marigolds (Tagetes Erecta) are large with 18-36 inch long stems. They have large flowers about two to four inches wide that areyellow, orange, or bicolored. The French Marigolds " are much daintier", with smallsingle flowers that also about two to four inches wide. They come in yellow, red, andorange. There are also Hybrids that are a cross between the two species. The seeds ofa Hybrid have a much lower germination rate than the American and FrenchMarigolds. The some that do sprout have tall plants that have to be removed so theywill not " detract from the others". The Hybrids don't set seed, so their flowers lastlonger (Proctor, p. 98). Some other species are the Large Flowered African(American) Marigolds. It has flowers that are three and a half inches across thatbloom for two to three weeks and a height of 12-14 inches. They have flat, ball-likeheads and come in yellow or orange. Also there are the Tall African (American)Marigolds. They also have large flowers in late summer to fall, and also come inyellow and orange. They can grow up to three feet or more and have a spread ofthree feet. Another Marigold is the Large Flowered French Marigold. It has a heightof 12-16 inches and a spread of 12-16 inches also. The flowers are two inches indiameter and are daisy-like or supercrested. In addition there is the Dwarf FrenchMarigold. It has a height of up to 12 inches and has small one to one and a half inchflowers. They come in colors of yellow, gold, orange, and some varieties arebicolored. They bloom in early summer to late fall and the blooms could be crested,tufted, or...

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