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Review of Minority Report The film, Minority Report, is a science-fiction thriller, based on a
short story written by Phillip. K. Dick.

The year is 2054, and murder has been abolished by what is seen as the
'perfect system'. Murders can be predicted before they happen, thanks
to the work of the Precrime unit. Precrime is a system that uses the
visions of three psychics (or 'precogs', short for precognitive
thinkers), to stop murders before they happen. The murder is stopped
and the 'murderer' is arrested and locked away to stop them from
attempting to kill again.

Jon Anderton is a Precrime enforcer, who does not only believe in this
system because it stops murders from happening, but also for his own
personal reasons, as his young son was abducted and his wife left him.
Precrime gives him the opportunity to deal with the loss, perhaps
feeling that he is stopping other people going through the same
heartbreak that he himself had to bear.

However, there are some people who do not think this system is as
faultless as Anderton and the director of Precrime (Lemar Burgess)
want to think. Danny Witwer is a federal agent, whose ambition is to
find a flaw in the Precrime system. In the end, Burgess murders
Witwer; thus falling victim to the system that he thought was so

Anderton soon realises that the system is not ideal. He is accused of
the murder of a man he has never met before, and he sets out to try to
find out why, with the Precrime unit, that he was once a proud member
of, in hot pursuit.

The fact that the city is state-of-the-art and high-tech does not help
Anderton in his escape. Every step he takes is monitored, and eyes
record movement. In one scene, Anderton gets on board a train, and
looks up to a machine (an eye-dent scanner), which scans his eyes and
identifies him. This is when he realises that he will not be safe in
his own city. He decides to take drastic action - he decides that he
will go and get his eyes changed.

Sight is a main theme for the film. Anderton cannot escape the
Precrime unit with his own eyes, everywhere he goes he will be
identified, so he has to somehow get new eyes. He goes to a man who
replaces his eyes with someone else's and Anderton is now slightly
safer. He is informed that he cannot remove the bandages that are
covering his new eyes for twenty-four hours, which poses a problem
when the flat that he is staying in to recover is invaded by spyders
(Small mechanical critters that work in the same way as the machine...

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