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Review Of Neil Maiden’s, Norbert Seyff’s, Paul Grunbacher’s, Omo Otajare’s And Karl Mitteregger’s “Determining Stakeholder Needs In The Workplace: How

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In this article the authors Neil Maiden, Omo Otojare, Norbert Seyff, Paul Grunbacher and Karl Mitteregger describe how mobile devices such as PDAs, smart phones and wireless technology have emerged as significant tools for Requirements Engineering (RE). The term Mobile RE is used to denote the method of documenting requirements and capturing multimedia to help elicit stakeholder needs in the workplace. The authors identify two of their RE developments; Arena-M, a requirements negotiation tool, and Mobile Scenario Presenter (MSP), a scenario-based tool. In the next section the authors describe MSP in detail and identify ART-Scene (Analyzing Requirements Trade-offs: Scenario Evaluations), a scenario-driven technique for discovering and documenting stake-holder requirements. Although MSP is based on ART-Scene it differs in that it can run on a PDA and thus allow analysts and end users area specific walk-throughs to elicit new requirements and comments. In the following sections the authors reveal six learned lessons that they claim help requirements analysts establish stakeholder needs with the mobile technologies. “-Lesson 1 states that, “mobile technologies can be used in the workplace to discover requirements that precisely reflect the future end users’ needs.” “¬-Lesson 2 states that, “a range of custom-made mobile requirements tools are needed to achieve real benefits.” “-Lesson 3 states that, “the needs of different users of mobile RE tools like for example analysts and end-users, should be considered.” “-Lesson 4 states that, “usability is essential for mobile requirements tools.” “-Lesson 5 states that, “using mobile RE tools should be carefully planned in advance to ensure a sound technical infrastructure. “-Lesson 6 states that, “only enough information on a requirement should be captured initially to allow complete specification at a later time.” In the Lesson 1 explanation the authors define the Contextual Inquiry method and list its four customer-interaction principles; Context, Partnership, Interpretation and Focus. They indicate that their MSP tool supports two of the four principles; context and focus. The authors conclude by stressing the importance of mobile technologies in providing new opportunities for improving requirements processes. They also make the claim that RE tools will complement rather than replace traditional requirements elicitation and negotiation approaches. Conversely, the authors also conclude that providing useful RE tools will be challenging due to mobile device limitations and limited knowledge of RE tool use in the field.
Requirements Engineering (RE) is definitely a crucial part of any successful software project undertaking. Out of the main activities of RE which consists of requirements elicitation, analysis, specification, verification and management, elicitation is the most critical because it defines the purpose and business worth of the project. Failure to properly elicit...

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