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Review Of “Parent Child Interactions And Development Of Toddlers Born Preterm” By Magill Evans And Harrison (1999)

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Harrison and Magill-Evans (1999) sought to determine whether an infant’s interactions with his mother and father during the first year mattered more than the fact that a child was born preterm or full-term when it came to early childhood development. Researchers have reported diminished interactive behavior for preterm infants (Banard, Bee, & Hammond, 1984) and less responsive interactions in parent-preterm infant dyads than in parent full-term infant dyads (Harrison & Magill-Evans, 1996). As Harrison and Magill-Evans (1999) suggest, many factors influence the parent’s interactive skills including the parent’s stresses and resources. Therefore, Harrison and Magill-Evans ...view middle of the document...

At three and twelve months after the infants discharge from the hospital, home visits were made to observe each parent in interaction with his or her child measured using the Nursing Child Assessment Teaching Scale (NCATS) (Sumner & Spietz, 1994). The scale consists of 73 behaviors used in analysis and scored as observed or not observed. Used in the analysis were the Parent score, which looks at the parent’s contribution to the interaction, and the Child score, which looks at the child’s contribution to the interaction, with higher scores suggesting more optimal interactions. At 18 months adjusted age, the child was assessed using the Mental scale of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development (Bayley, 1969), since the scores are significantly related to preschool outcomes for children at risk when taken after twelve months of age. The dependent variable of this study was the Bayley Mental score.
Results and Conclusions
Harrison and Magill-Evans (1999) used two linear regression analyses’ to reduce the number of variables; separate forward stepwise linear regressions were done to identify significant predictors within each category for each developmental outcome. In the second stage, the significant predictors from within each category were entered into one regression to identify the significant predictors across categories for each of the developmental scores. Despite using Bayley scores based on age adjusted for prematurity, children born preterm scored significantly lower than full term children (Harrison & Magill-Evans, 1999). There is a correlation, between the 17% variance in the Bayley Mental scores of the infants and socioecomic status, mother’s NCATS Parent score at...

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