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Review Of Soo Ling Lim And Anthony Finkelstein “Stake Rare: Using Social Networks And Collaborative Filtering For Large Scale Requirements Elicitation”

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This article is the results of research on StakeRare, Stakeholder- and Recommender- assisted method for requirements elicitation, a method that is used to identify and prioritize requirements for requirements elicitation using social networks and cooperative filtering. The article states that by using social networks and cooperative filtering three common problems large-scale requirements engineering can be alleviated. These problems are information overload, poor stakeholder input, and predisposed prioritization of requirements. Information overload is unavoidable in large projects as there can be many stakeholders and requirements. Poor stakeholder input due to not recognizing, or allowing enough time to stakeholder. Biased prioritization of requirements happens due to lack of system-wide perspective due to the size of the project. StakeRare uses social media to combat these issues by using collaborative filtering to gather knowledge from relevant requirements according to stakeholders, having stakeholders identify other stakeholders, and then uses stakeholders’ input to rate the requirements. The article evaluates the performance on StakeRare by testing the process on a large scale project the comparing the results in comparison to other elicitation methods.
The authors of this article begin by listing the main problems that are associated with large software requirement processes and then summarize how StakeRare will alleviate these through social networks and collaborative filtering in the elicitation process. This is a significant idea in utilizing technology in the software engineering process that have become more widely used since the creation of the more dated requirements elicitation methods. Large scale software projects are more likely to have stakeholders that are more spread out geographically and organizationally. This is due to organizations commonly having multiple locations, more decentralized infrastructure and stakeholders. This article attempts to test StakeRare on a large scale system to determine if the new circumstances of modern software engineering can benefit from elicitation requirements utilizing social media.
Based on this articles findings additional research should be performed to determine if social networks, both private and public, can be harnessed to assist in requirements elicitation. Some points of further study can be how methods like StakeRare can be integrated with existing social network tools like Facebook, Reddit, and wikis. These existing systems have preexisting methods of communication, information handling, and ranking systems that can be utilized. Additionally further research into ranking systems and methods of feedback on requirements should be performed to determine if ranking and feedback provided is an improvement or hindrance to gathering requirements from stakeholders in the semi-anonymous environment social networks usually provide.
Some of the problems social media has on...

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