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Hooking up has become an increasingly studied culture by many sociologists around the country. These studies have been done to understand the shift from the old culture of dating to the new culture of hooking up that we experience now. Many people find it interesting that the kids of our generation have become so sexualized and carefree compared to the college days of our parents. Many people wonder how we got to this point and how the dynamics of hookups work, and why we continue to go on with them even sometimes at cost of our mental and physical help. One of these people was Kathleen A. Bogle, who wrote an entire book on the subject called, Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus, which is the focal point of this essay.
Bogle has many specific arguments in her book on hooking up and they all seem to be investigated in a well mannered way. The main argument of this book is that our generation has moved away from the ideas of the old generation's so called “dating ear” to idea of our own, which are considered a “hookup era” In her book she states that many kids on campus these days prefer to hookup rather than date, and that these hookups can mean many different things to many different people. Some of the people interviewed saw hooking up as only a means of sexual pleasure, while some saw it as a way of starting a relationship with somebody. Bogle also argues that hooking up is an extremely ambiguous term, and can mean anything from kissing to some people, all the way to sex or a friends with benefits situation for others. She also argues that hooking up means different things to both men and women (Bogle 2008). The way our generation goes about these hookups is explained frequently in the book and gives people a window into the world of our generation.
Kathleen Bogle used a specific way of interviewing young adults to get her information for her studies. She interviewed a total of seventy-six people from 2001 all the way to 2006, Thirty-four of these young adults were male, while the remaining forty-two were women. A few of the people she interviewed were already out of college and into the singles dating scene, but a majority were students still attending college. She used young adults from two different schools. One school was a large, public school on the east coast. The other was a smaller private faith based (Roman Catholic) school in the northeast. The public school on the east coast was much bigger than the private school, with around three times as many students attending school there. The faith based school had stricter sex policy rules, with student not being allowed to have any sexual intercourse in university-owned residential buildings. She interviewed all of the young adults on a one-to-one bases to create a more comfortable atmosphere for the questioning (Bogle 2008).
Throughout the process of her interviews, and after when she was of course writing this very book, Bogle made many major conclusions regarding the...

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