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Review of Techniques of The Others The Others is a horror thriller set in a Victorian mansion on the
British Isle of Jersey in 1945. The film stars Nichole Kidman as
Grace, a mother who isolates her two children in a haunted mansion,
slowly discovering that she is surrounded by ghosts. Ironically the
twist at the end reveals in the stunning penultimate sequence of the
film that she too is a ghost. The Others provides a frequent use of
dull candlelight making it psychologically creepy and keeps the
interest level high. Not only does this engage the audience with none
of the typical horror thriller properties such as, explicit violence
and lots of gore but leaves them shrouded in complete mystery and
suspense throughout the film.

Once the credits fade out, the relaxing and homely background music
slowly dies down and is replaced by total silence. This effect
prepares the audience in for something to happen. The shot opens with
a Victorian mansion shielded by mist and fog what appears to be a
totally isolated location. Establishing a silent eerie atmosphere, the
shot gives an idea of where and when the film is set providing just
enough information for the audience to be tantalised while still
keeping them enough suspense to watch on.

Dull lighting is used to give an aged effect to reinforce that The
Others is a period drama in 1945 and it moreover establishes the
creepy atmosphere of the mansion. Adding to the sinister atmosphere is
the director’s use of greyish blue hues to give the audience a feeling
of being cold and to create a sense of unease.

Introducing the mansion, a long distance shot is used. This gives a
clear view of the front of the mansion and its immediate surroundings
giving the audience a full picture of where the film is set. The
effect of lifeless immobility created by the camera’s stillness makes
the audience relaxed adding shock to the effect of...

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