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Review Of "The Age Of Stupid" (Film)

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Alas! The time has already passed when we could have saved ourselves. We are aware that there's global warming but seem to lack the idea of why it occurred in the first place. 'What am I doing in this hostile situation?' Am I helping the world or harming it? We clean our own houses in order to live in a purified environment. But what are we doing to our real home "Earth?" People yell towards humanity to be aware of global warming, but are they? The ego-centrism of humanity has led to suicide and an apocalyptic future.
The Age of Stupid is a documentary directed by Franny Armstrong released in 2009. The main theme portrayed is global warming and climate change. The movie starts with Peter Postlethwaite who is an archivist, guarding all of humanity's achievements. The archivist looks back to 2008 from 2055 trying to find out the reason why we have forced suicide upon us. 2055, humanity has already met an end to its survival. The movie begins with a shocking image of the future showing the harsh environments of Earth and how we have reached extinction. The scene gives a pivotal sense that we should make change now as the reviewing pasts are the current situation to us!Armstrong's main word in the film was 'stupid'. The film relates consumerism, war, and climate change to global warming. It is a fact that humanity is developing at a remarkable speed but as to the development we're not changing.The main method that Armstrong uses in the film is showing. Rather than telling facts, the film shows stories. The 6 characters in the story reveals the cause and effect of global warming using the irony of a character. Irony emphasizes each point better as the story goes on. The stories are based on real-life events and it examines the character closely like a documentary film. The main irony which is depicted in the film concerns the character Jeh, an Indian entrepreneur who's determined to make India's cheapest plane company. He believes that climate change and poverty are the most essential goals that humanity should solve. To achieve this he constructs airplanes. Airplanes consume lots of oil and is responsible for emitting over 4~8% of green house gases each and every year. Since the 1850s it has contributed in the temperature increase of 0.03~0.06 °C overall....

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