Review Of The Book, Outbreak: Creating A Contagious Youth Ministry Through Viral Evangelism

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Greg Stier is the executive director, president, and originator of Dare 2 Share Ministries International as of 1991. Stier has instructed over 30,000 Christian adolescents around North America in how to live out their faith in confidence and with boldness. In 1997 he was the guest speaker at the Youth for Christ’s DC/LA events, and he revisited that speakership at Y2K the Fellowship of Christian Athletes forum. “Youth ministry became his full-time focus on April 20, 1999, due to the Columbine High School massacre.” Stier has written such published works as ‘You're Next!’ and ‘Dare 2 Share: A Guide to Sharing the Faith (Focus on the Family)’ as well as several curricula on evangelism preparation. According to Stier, “[he doesn’t] come from a church going… religious family. His was a tough urban family filled with bodybuilding, tobacco chewing, and beer drinking thugs. He recounts how seeming through a lifetime (although not quite that long a time), his tough and thuggish family was led to Christ in one way or another. The impact that Jesus had on his extended family, that from the time he was 11 years of age, he just knew that he was going to be a preacher!” He and his wife Debbie have two children, and currently reside in the Denver area.
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What if an outbreak was about all which was positive instead of filled with the usual negative connotations? What if the outbreak began with change toward a positive direction in the churches’ youth groups, and entered into the local communities in which the churches exist? If the outbreak occurs in this manner, is it not possible that the world might become affected by the outbreak as well? This is the model presented by Steir, and he wants to see just such outbreaks as described above. He writes, “I can’t think of better candidates to be courageous carriers than teenagers… fear and trembling and the prerequisite for the ultimate extreme… - sharing your faith.”
While it is fair to say that Steir presents a colorful description of an outbreak among teens, he advertently does not present such appraisals for the unsaved within the same age group. He goes on to show that ministers must come to the realization that presenting the Gospel to today’s culture is “when we arrive at the ‘proof’ that some [become a customized] to it, and others will reject it,” therefore we must not quit at the first indication of resistance. Much of the negative connotations of the gospel, he surmises, are the result of the consumerist culture in which we live. Societies at large have for all intent and purpose become a replacement for the church. The days are well past when the churches are considered a driving force of moral influence, therefore, what we experience today is an indifference exhibited by many in the church pews, and a general manipulation by the populist segments of society to the extent that the Ecclesia is viewed as impotent in the engagement of that society.
Although Stier gives a negative...

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