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Review Of "The Clockwork Three" By Matthew J. Kirby

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For my book report, I will be doing a book called “The Clockwork Three” by Matthew J. Kirby. It was first published in 2010. This story occurs in the early twentieth century in New York City. The main characters are Giuseppe, Hannah, and Frederick. Giuseppe is an eleven-year-old boy who parents had died and he was soon was kidnapped. He was taken away from his family in Italy to New York City when that happened. Hannah is a twelve-year-old girl who loved school, but had to quit and become a maid because she had to earn money for her family since her father, who used to earn money for the family, but got very sick. Frederick is a thirteen-year-old apprentice clockmaker who was taken to an orphanage when he was young because his father died at sea during a war and his mother was really sick and had to go to the hospital where she died. He was trying to build an automaton. There are ten lesser main characters. First is Stephano, a man who kidnapped and bought kid so he could make them go on the streets and play instruments to make him money. Giuseppe is an example of a person that Stephano bought and he made Giuseppe go on the streets and play a violin. Next is Master Branch, a clockmaker who adopted Frederick and tries his best to help him. Then is Hannah’s father, a skilled stones man, but had to stop because he had a bad infection is his leg called apoplexy and it was poisoning the blooding in his leg and he almost had his leg cut off. After that is Alice, Hannah’s friend who gave Hannah medicine for her father’s leg so it could heal. Next is Madame Pomeroy, a woman who hired Hannah as her personal maid and a person Hannah looks up to. Then is Yakov, a man who used to be a soldier, but stopped and now he is Madame Pomeroy’s bodyguard. Next is Walter, a boy who betrayed Hannah by getting her fired because he told the chief of maids that she stole Madame Pomeroy‘s diamond necklace so she could get medicine for her father. Then is Mrs. Wool, the chief of the maids and only works so she could find the treasure that a guest left when he died. Next is Reverend Grey, a man who Giuseppe almost dies for. Finally is Mister Twine, a man who gave Hannah a lot of money, so she could buy medicine to heal her father’s leg. He also is the manager of the hotel Hannah worked in.
Giuseppe sat on the street waiting for people to give him money while he thought about his siblings back at home. Then he spotted a green violin floating in the harbor. He hoped his new violin would earn him enough money to get at ticket to Italy, so he could reunite with his family and get enough money for Stephano, so he didn’t have to sleep in the rat cage at night. He started to play the green violin and everyone started throwing money to him. The next day, Hannah went to work at the hotel and a lot of her friends were talking about a new guest who always brought a tiger with her wherever she went and she could talk to the spirits of the dead. The new guest wanted Mrs. Wool, but she...

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