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Review Of “The Eu Police Mission In Bosnia And Herzegovina” Written By Kari M. Osland

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Legacy of the War
Another good point made by Osland is lack of interconnectedness between people in dealing with challenges which are forming the legacy of the war such as corruption, organized crime and hardliner nationalism (p. 553). So, main challenge for the EU is instability of the state. If we add that the judiciary system is weak, it is clear that this mission could not be successful without the contribution of local people and officials. Osland gives some observations about local people but mostly about leaders. She may have looked at from the point of local people also. The citizens of BiH seem to suffer lethargy and a reluctance to take on the government and elites. After the war, they would have serious problem with “trust” which would make the job harder for the EU despite the strong legitimacy.

General Assessment
Osland has authority over the issue. As it is noted before she was a doctoral candidate when she wrote this article but it can be easily noticed that many authors cited this article. And also she was working in Norwegian Institute of International Affairs that also makes her credible. Author uses vast theoretical and empirical resources including high officials and experts such as Javier Solana, Susan L. Woodward. All these increase the accuracy of the article. I also found her article quite comprehensible that is anyone can understand her thesis since she provides historical and theoretical background and also mentions current organization. I criticized her by not including low politics however her main point is about high politics. Although her decisive thesis makes author more tended to security policies and claiming ESS is the main way for state building I do not found Euro-centric or western-centric, article is quite objective.

Bosnian War was also important for the world public opinion’s emergence and immediate reactions to the sufferings of Bosnian people. It was a tough mission for the UN, NATO as well as the EU. Despite the vulnerability of the situation the EU has moved forward and took over the duty. And ESDP was inexperienced and in its critical phase. Organizations were being establishing and needed vision, definitions and legitimacy. So it was hard to explain the connection between strategic and tactical structures especially within a dynamic union. First of all, goals of the EUMP, which are to increase the capability of the police force, assist in the planning and conducting of investigations, to enhance cooperation during prosecutions, and to improve accountability, and main challenges (corruption and organized crime) are clearly defined. By referring to the need for success, vision that is drawn by the author still has similar approach today . You can see in the article that why the EU is interested in this mission, what it is its background, what institutions are established and reformed and what the legitimacy and challenges are. The ESDP reformed and improved itself but protect its main...

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