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Critique Of The Government Shutdown Essay

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On October 1 the U.S. Government shutdown, that’s right the only thing keeping us from complete and total anarchy shutdown for 16 days. So why are we treating it like this is some common media trash. Our Government may be acting like a bunch of kids when it comes to the debt crisis but having to shut down over a disagreement seems like a bit of a drastic measure. The shutdown caused many programs to shutdown, though many more where still able to function. If the shutdown had lasted longer there would have been an even bigger issue. Something this big isn’t a joke this could have turned out significantly worse and people need to understand this.
This debt problem that had a large impact on this shutdown didn’t just pop out of nowhere. This thing’s been piling up since Bush was in the Oval office, and since then the issue has been avoided and unnecessary spending has never been higher. U.S Troops where geared up and flown all around the globe costing the Treasury billions. Many of companies and banks that were unable to make it on their own were all bailed out costing this country over $700 billion. Hundreds of thousands of unemployed families where given enough money to live a nice middle class lifestyle and it only cost us 520 billion dollars, and let’s not get started on the free health care. And that’s just some of the spending that’s gotten us to our steadily rising $17 trillion debt situation. How reliable of a country do we look with an outstanding debt problem and a non-responsive government? If this keeps up we won’t be the United States of anything and it’s very possible that our debts will be repaid with your freedom.
The shutdown lasted from October 1st though the 16th. That’s 16 days without a government to hold the country together. Luckily the judicial system was still able to get its funding and mass chaos didn’t break out. But unfortunately many national parks and memorials had to be shut down because without funding there was no way to cover the costs to stay open. This caused problems with many veterans who wished to enter the war memorials. This even led to a riot and a break in at a World War 2 Memorial. Many federal workers were furloughed which basically means that they were let off temporarily till the government started back up. So large sums of workers were given a vacation, but if the government had been shut down longer, this could have become a very pressing issue.
After the shutdown some research was done to see just which states where hit the hardest. According to NBC Washington Virginia was the state that had the hardest impact from the shutdown. Many of Virginias mortgage loans, on real estate, where backed up with federal funds causing many houses to foreclose. Virginia was also pushed to the top of the list by being the second largest state that houses the most veterans. All of this shows that the people in Virginia where impacted the worst from the shutdown.
The biggest problem that still seems to be a very...

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