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Review Of The Sat Test

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In researching the types of tests that are administered to determine intelligence, it became very clear that there were many differing opinions surrounding the efficacy of intelligence testing. There exists compelling information that suggest there is a lack of ability for any test to clearly identify and measure intelligence. It is very clearly noted that there is a question of the ability for academics based testing to measure a persons intelligence. One of the most noted tests in the United States that is used to measure the potential of students to perform in an educational setting is the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). Through the years this test has undergone many changes in attempts to overcome challenges in correctly assessing student performance. The test is produced yearly, and the questions are pooled and changed many times a year. The test has undergone many changes with regard to format throughout the years, and with each iteration, it has sought to become a more effective measure.

The Scholastic Assessment Test, formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) administered by The College Board, tests a students ability to apply concepts taught throughout their high school course of study. It tests for a students comprehension of material presented in the high school setting, as well as the student's ability to apply knowledge acquired throughout their studies. Test performance is believed to be an accurate indicator of the future performance of students in their collegiate endeavors.

While it has been challenged many times through the years the questions on the SAT test are items that would be either directly taught, or can be deduced applying knowledge that is included in most curriculum. That being said most of the controversy surrounding the construct validity of the SAT centers around the use of the data collected by the SAT as opposed to the actual test. The College Board uses a panel of experts to confirm the validity of the questions prior to their inclusion on the test. The test measures the student's literacy, critical reading, vocabulary, mathematics, and writing mastery.

While the purpose of the test has generally been as a forecast of academic preparedness for endeavors after high school, it has also been used inappropriately for the purpose of measuring achievement at the local, regional and state level. While the intended purpose of the SAT test is to measure the probability of overall success in college, however, because most schools goal is to turn out highly qualified candidates for higher education it is often used to note the success of the quality of education at the school. The test was designed to give college admissions committees a measurement by which to determine candidate suitability for the rigors of their program. The scores offer a measure of the students college readiness skills, particularly when they are combined with high school grades. There is a high correlation...

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