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Review Of The Screenplay The Sixth Sense By M. Night Shyamalan

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Going through screenplays, I was at a stalemate as I had never seen a screenplay before. I was put off by the writing, and the contents tried all of my ideas of what good writing is supposed to be. After reviewing all of the background information for the rules and structure of screenplay writing, I came to understand the differences between the writing style of novels in comparison to screenplay writing. Screenplay writers are put to the task of writing a highly visual story, that should contain only what an audience would be able to see and hear, using clear and concise writing, but still keeping the contents creative ( The Script Lab). Following the form set forth for screenplays, M. ...view middle of the document...

” ( The Script Lab).
Communication and belief are the themes of The Sixth Sense. Even if for different reasons, both Dr. Crowe and Cole were unable to communicate effectively in the beginning of this screenplay. They found trying to communicate with their loved ones a struggle and Cole fought to avoid communication with the dead. Also, the other characters ability to believe Cole was an area of contention. The theme of The Sixth Sense is complimented by the plots. In addition to and because of the development of these extraordinary characters, the plot points in The Sixth Sense are unique and unpredictable. Also, they follow the three act structure for screenplays. Act one introduced the characters. It was the foundation for the development of the story and transitioned into the major plot point in the second act when Cole Sear tells Dr. Crowe he sees the dead, but some of them do not know that they are dead. Act two is the basis of the whole story. In act three the story is resolved when Cole finally tells his mother he sees the dead and makes her...

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