Review Of The Study Progress Of Infants/Toddlers With Severe Disabilities By Salisbury, C. L., & Copeland, C. G.

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Salisbury, C. L., & Copeland, C. G. (2013). Progress of Infants/Toddlers With Severe Disabilities: Perceived and Measured Change. Topics In Early Childhood Special Education, 33(2), 68-77. doi:10.1177/0271121412474104
Purpose and Hypotheses of the Study
The study by Salisbury and Copeland (2013) had one purpose. The purpose of this study was to examine child and caregiver outcomes in a diverse sample of 21 infants/toddlers with severe disabilities who received services from an urban, Part C program where caregiver-focused intervention was emphasized.
For this particular study, the identification of all infants and toddlers who met certain requirements. The participants would consist of infants and toddlers who had sever disabilities and their primary caregivers. After going through to see which infants and toddlers met the criteria, 11 boys and 10 girls averaging the age of 10.76 months participated in the study. Out of the sample in this study, a little more than half of the children received their EI services in centered-based setting, while the remaining 9 were served at home. The selected caregivers that were in this sample reflected the economic, cultural/linguistic, and ethnic diversity. The study consisted of 21 caregivers. Salisbury C. & Copeland C. (2013)
Methods and Procedures
Salisbury C. & Copeland C. (2013) Due to the small sample size and exploratory nature of this study, a case study was designed that used a single program site. From this, three questions guided their work. Question 1 was to what extent did infants/toddlers with severe disabilities evidence improvement in key developmental areas during interventions. Question 2 was what child and personal changes were reported by caregivers based on their involvement in this caregiver-focused Part C program. The last question asked, to what extent were child outcomes and caregiver reports of self-efficacy impacted by the location in which the child received services. Once someone met the criteria they went on with the study. This led to the children being evaluated by using the ELAP and tools that focused specifically on discipline. This was done to facilitate intervention planning. The caregivers were soon reached to, so they could get their responses on the EIPSES and outcome surveys. Even though all caregivers were contacted, not all of them replied. Those who did answer participated in the survey via telephone.
Results and Discussion
In a general sense there were 3 different results for the Salisbury C. & Copeland C (2013) study. The results were for each question that was required to be met from the criteria. The results for the first question were provided in a table with a summary listed in the article. In the study that found that the gains made by infants and toddlers with severe disabilities were significant across all the subscales of the ELAP. From this information provided in the study, the PCI scores for the individual propose...

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