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Review On Jeffery Archer "A Prison Diary"

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Jeffery Archer, "A Prison Dairy" Volume 1 HELL, is a real life experience about his life in "Belmarsh" a maximum security prison. Archer was a member of the British House of Lords before he was sentenced to four years of prison. During the four years, he had a lot to deal with, including the death of his mother. Ironically, it is because of Justice Potts, who sentenced him to four years in prison for perjury, that Archer has produced one of his best works. This memoir was penned during his first three weeks in prison. Through his anecdotes detailing the worst three weeks of his life, Archer hopes to give a personal account of his grievances, and above all, to expose the glaring failings of the British penal system.The style of writing in this book is highly appropriate; it is very vividly a dairy. Archer does not see the need to temper his language. "No you stupid old f***er" (pg57), Archer uses this language to further justify the hard time he is having in prison and about the people in there. He is facing difficulties coping with the new surroundings in prison. He also seems to have trouble associating himself with the prison wardens and his cell mates and last but not least because he is going through a power struggle within himself unable to cope with the psychological battle inside. This is how he solicits pity from the readers. It also shows how he has matured throughout the course of his short period in "Bellmarsh".He is also unable to cope with the caustic surroundings of the prison and life in it. Archer complains about almost everything in prison, that the "pillows are army rejects" (pg39), that the harsh surroundings of the prison is making every thing go wrong. However, he eventually finds solace in the simple pleasures in life, things that he take for granted normally.Initially, Archer does not wish to interact with his jail mates, He tries to portray that he really wants to talk to them but explains that his lawyer told him to "don't talk to anyone about your case and plans to appeal..." (pg45"). This is an excuse. in actual fact, he does not want to talk to anyone. This is further reinforced by him showing his unwillingness by not wanting to share a room with a cell mate by giving the excuse of the publicity that prisoner would get by sharing a room with him. ("Tell your family to be prepared to receive a call from the papers tomorrow...."(pg 69)) Later on, he learnt that he had no choice but to talk to some of his prison mates as he needed their help. Take for example 'Del Boy' the only reason he stared talking to him was that he needed extra daily supplies. Archer is a very cunning guy as you notice he only befriends the people who he can take advantage, make use of or gain an extra edge in jail.Through the means of keeping a diary he engulfs himself into his own world so he is able to block off all external distractions, to live in delusion and self created sanctuary. He is actually trying to avoid the reality that he is in fact...

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