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AbstractDiscuss the advantages and disadvantages of Internet storage sites. Compare two online sites and describe the services they provide. Describe their registration process, amounts of storage, and any additional services they provide.Traditionally back-up products range from simple floppy disks to large tape systems. These systems are reliable to a degree if properly maintained. Building a back-up systems usually means spending large amounts of money and an estimate. These estimates sometimes are correct but sometimes they are not. The system constantly needs upgrading to meet demand. The Internet has now made possible a new concept of data back-up and retrieval; Internet storage sites. These Internet storage sites offer users a place to store and back-up data on secure data servers all over the globe. Some are free sites that offer a limited amount of space to pay systems that offer larger amounts of data storage. Some offer small utilities that a user can download, install, and configure to back-up sensitive data automatically. What are some reason to store important documents and data on these sites? One advantage is accessibility. The days of storing data on floppy disks or USB drives is disappearing. A person can simply upload their data to an Internet Storage site and access it anywhere on the globe. The disadvantage is gaining access to your data if the Internet is not available. Another advantage is share ability. Your files can be shared among friends or coworkers. So many people can work on the same project used online storage or share personal photographs with family. One large concern of online data storage is security. Large corporations have seen problems with external devices such as USB drives and I pods. Alleged secure data or documents appear on the Internet. (Damoulakis, 2007) So security of these easy to use websites may pose a problem unless strict internal guidelines are constructed within corporate walls. Whatever your data storage requirements are there is an Internet Storage site that fits your needs. Below are two sites that are available on the Internet that have services for online file retention.One Internet site reviewed for this paper is has been in business for many years. They offer a wide range of online data storage services from small personal free services to...

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