Review On Myers Briggs Skill And Personality Assessments

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Personality Assessment
 Jung-Myers- Briggs Typology Test
The result of my personality assessment indicates that I am an ESFJ. This code is characterized as “The Guardian,” Extroverted –Sensing - Feeling– Judging. According to the assessment, my primary mode of living is focused on providing care for those in need. My primary mood is focused externally; this is where I deal with situations according to my feelings or my feelings toward them. It also explains that I decide things on the premises of how they fit in with my personal value system. I interpret this as I make decisions on the premises on how it fits with my morals and values. The ESFJ's value system is defined externally, according to the personality test. This means that I usually have very well formed ideas of the world and how they should be, and it explains that I am not timid about sharing these opinions. ESFJ’s can live in their extraverted feelings..
My secondary mode is internal, where I take things in through my senses in a factual, tangible approach. Much energy is focused on the desire to be accepted and for everything to be pleasant; this makes ESFJ’s supportive of others. This internal mode may be responsible for the person’s reputation for “wearing their hearts on a sleeve.”
The assessment describes ESFJ’s as people persons and the love they have for others. ESFJ’s love people and are genuinely interested in them. ESFJ’s use their Sensing and Judging personality to gather comprehensive information about others and use the information into supportive judgments. ESFJ’s are described as having the skill of bringing out the best in others. They could be very good at reading others and empathizing with them.
ESFJ’s are described as being incredibly warm and active. They might need to have the approval from others around them so to feel good about themselves. This can be consider as a negative trait to have and causes conflict with people close to them.
ESFJ’s are considered to be extremely sensitive and are hurt by indifference and do not comprehend unkindness. They are described as being giving individuals who obtain satisfaction by the happiness from others. ESFJ’s flaw is that they are so giving and caring that they sometimes are blinded from the truth and have a hard time accepting the negative truth about someone they care about.
The label of ESFJ is one that I am accepting. There are many positive attributes and as there are negatives. An ESFJ can develop negatively and can be prone to being quite insecure. They might also focus all of their attention on pleasing others; this can include a very controlling or overly sensitive nature.
ESFJ based careers are management, public administration, nursing, education, social work and counseling.
This assessment shows its strength by the fact that I feel as though it matches with my life. Through this, I have gain insight to the fact that I could be helpful but almost to the degree in which I could be...

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