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Review On The Effects Of Fracking

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The development of technology has always revolved round power and energy. For this power and energy generation man has been burning fossil fuels since the industrial revolution. Natural gas is one such non renewable fuel. Hydraulic fracturing or fracking as it is more commonly called is a method by which trapped natural gas is released from deep layers of the earth. Porous rocks are fractured by using water, sand and chemicals to release the entrapped gases. Though the technique of fracking has been around since the 1940s it is only in recent years there has been a huge increase in practice of this technique. However such a sudden explosive development has several repercussions ...view middle of the document...

Also know as an unconventional gas(UG) source this method this peaked both strong opposition and economic interest. Petroleum or other crude oil based fuels are imported from the oil rich nations to meet the local demand. Evidently techniques like fracking will improve the independence of nations thus governments find this options very lucrative.
The ardent supporters of this technique of extraction propel it as a cleaner alternative to coal. These claims are based on the supposed facts that state that the green house gases released is significantly lesser. However these assertions have been recently been challenged by recent studies which show the advantages initially mentioned were largely overstated(Peduzzia. and Harding. 2013).

Effects of Fracking on animal and human health
This study was conducted by Bamberger and Oswald. Experimenting and observing effects of potential toxins on human beings is an ethical nightmare though results of such study is essential to curb or regulate practices that may be environmentally harmful. Consequently here they used domestic animals as sentinels to study the effects of gas drilling on living organisms. This research involved case studies and several interviews with the owners of farms and ranches that housed animals exposed to water or soil contaminants of fracking fluids and wastes(Bamberger and Oswald 2012).
Here the corollary that is used is if epidemiological studies linked smoking to health deterioration in human beings, gas leaks from such gas fracking ventures should have some effect on health and quality of life in humans. Another focus of this study was to see the effect on the progenies. For this aspect of the research cattle was preferred as they have a higher reproduction rate.
In one of the inadvertent cases studied there are two farms providing both experiment and control group. The 25 shale well was located almost two mile from each farm. The impound 4.5 acres wide is located at an elevation from both farms(Bamberger and Oswald 2012). Evidently it will cause the contaminants...

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