Review On The Thai Mobile Company Commercial Called 30 Years Ago, This Bill Has Been Paid University Of Hawaii / English 100 Review Assignment

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Ashley,? ?Jada-Lyric
ENG? ?100
Review? ?-? ?30? ?years? ?ago,? ?this? ?bill? ?has? ?been? ?paid
There? ?is? ?no? ?doubt? ?that? ?you? ?will? ?feel? ?something? ?while? ?watching? ?the? ?short? ?film? ??30
years? ?ago,? ?this? ?bill? ?has? ?been? ?paid?? ?(2013).? ?This? ?video? ?takes? ?place? ?in? ?Thailand? ?and? ?was
created? ?by? ?a? ?Thai? ?mobile? ?phone? ?company? ?called? ??Truemove-H?? ?although? ?it? ?did? ?include
English? ?subtitles.? ?It? ?was? ?based? ?on? ?a? ?true? ?story? ?and? ?this? ?is? ?proven? ?by? ?the? ?various? ?real-life
pictures? ?of? ?Dr.? ?Prajak? ?Arunthong? ??? ?the? ?man? ?who? ?went? ?from? ?a? ?thieving? ?child? ?of? ?poverty
who? ?stole? ?to? ?help? ?his? ?mom? ?to? ?the? ?brilliant? ?brain? ?surgeon? ?who? ?could? ?save? ?his? ?hero?s? ?life? ??
helping? ?his? ?patients? ?at? ?the? ?end? ?of? ?the? ?video.? ?It? ?was? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?most? ?viral? ?and? ?powerful
advertisements? ?that? ?don't? ?sell? ?a? ?product.? ?This? ?short? ?film? ?is? ?inspiring,? ?beautiful,? ?and? ?will
touch? ?the? ?hearts? ?of? ?many? ?with? ?its? ?important? ?message? ?about? ?how? ?an? ?act? ?of? ?kindness? ?can
have? ?a? ?big? ?impact.? ?Based? ?on? ?the? ?quality? ?of? ?the? ?video,? ?the? ?graphics? ?were? ?really? ?blurry
however,? ?you? ?could? ?tell? ?what? ?was? ?happening? ?in? ?each? ?scene? ?due? ?to? ?the? ?variations? ?of
music.? ?The? ?film? ?contains? ?no? ?relativity? ?to? ?the? ?product? ?and? ?no? ?apparent? ?sales? ?pitch,? ?only
the? ?idea? ?of? ?the? ?value? ?of? ?paying? ?life? ?forward.
In? ?this? ?3-minute? ?clip,? ?it? ?starts? ?off? ?with? ?a? ?little? ?boy? ?running? ?away? ?from? ?a? ?woman? ?who
has? ?just? ?caught? ?him? ?stealing? ?medicine.? ?As? ?the? ?woman? ?yells? ??What? ?are? ?you? ?going? ?to? ?do
with? ?this??? ?the? ?boy? ?yells? ?back? ?that? ?it? ?is? ?for? ?his? ?mother.? ?Causing? ?a? ?big? ?commotion,? ?a? ?man
from? ?a? ?restaurant? ?nearby? ?comes? ?over? ?and? ?pays? ?for? ?the? ?stolen? ?medicine? ?and? ?tells? ?his
daughter? ?to? ?give? ?him? ?some? ?soup? ?from? ?his? ?restaurant.? ?Then,? ?it? ?jumps? ?30? ?years? ?later? ?with
the? ?same? ?man? ?and? ?his? ?daughter? ?running? ?the? ?restaurant? ?but? ?he? ?suddenly? ?falls? ?ill.? ?In? ?the
hospital,? ?the? ?daughter? ?is? ?given? ?the? ?bill? ?with? ?an? ?intense? ?amount? ?and? ?is? ?forced? ?to? ?put? ?up? ?the
house? ?for? ?sale.? ?Moving? ?forward? ?to? ?the? ?next? ?morning,? ?the? ?daughter? ?awakens? ?to? ?find? ?a? ?new
medical? ?bill? ?that? ?now? ?reads? ?zero,? ?along? ?with? ?a? ?note? ?explaining? ?that:? ??all? ?expenses? ?have
been? ?paid? ?30? ?years? ?ago,? ?with? ?three? ?packs? ?of? ?painkillers? ?and? ?a? ?bag? ?of? ?veggie? ?soup."? ?So? ?it
turns? ?out? ?that? ?the? ?doctor? ?is? ?the? ?same? ?boy? ?that? ?he? ?helped? ?30? ?years? ?ago.
You? ?can? ?clearly? ?see? ?the? ?two? ?different? ?sides? ?and? ?perspectives? ?the? ?woman
storekeeper? ?and? ?man? ?storekeeper? ?had? ?about? ?this? ?little?...

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