Analysis Pact For A Travel Website

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ANALYSIS Pact for travel website

Our approach to design is an important part of the site interactive e-tourism , is that they focus on the user as possible. Benyon et al (2005) recognize the PACT ( people, things , and the context , and technology ) , and think of it as a case of designing an interactive system , a useful framework . We believe that the implementation of PACT analysis will be useful for the analysis and design activities , and can be seen from the understanding of the current situation in the improvement possible in future cases .

Pact and analysis , we are able to combine a group of target users and we have a variety of people , activities, and environment and technology may we all studies . Analysis of how we can develop our target users will interact with programs and clear and specific and our electronic travel . The results of the treaty as follows:

There are many ways in which people differ from each other , from the appearance of their property. People have things to different personalities and different ways to respond. This depends largely on the five senses , hearing , sight , smell, taste and touch , even my friendly, and available , and all kinds of people happy is very important. How can I do this for example by ensuring that my website to meet the needs of people with disabilities , such as vision impairment ( such as long / short sight , color blindness , etc. ) .

Site must confront . People also have different psychological aspects , it is necessary to have access to my site for those people who can not afford it . People in their desire and ability to be different , so it is important that the site caters for all levels of cognitive ability . This site is for users based on heterogeneous sites worldwide . Users will likely have different levels of computer knowledge / knowledge of different languages ​​, and different cognitive skills and physical fitness.

Computer literacy / knowledge

Users visit our website may be elementary, intermediate or expert , and therefore , the site to satisfy all users basic . Because the site is focused on Edinburgh , will be our website only when people are thinking of a visit to Edinburgh . Thus, it is likely that even those who know how to read and write from computer users are very / Internet may still be a novice when visiting our website .

Cognitive ability

Because people understand things better than they remember , and our website is mainly ' vision and clicking . "This is to enable users to easily interact with the site.


It is important that our website can be accessed for those users with limited mobility . With respect to our website , and one of our goals is to meet the user's line of sight difficulties . There are different types of visual disability . The first is difficult to see small objects . We need to make sure that the content on our website and can be expanded for those users. We need to ensure the quality of the site, and when the...

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