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Review Paper On Persepolis

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Persepolis is based on the true life story of Marjane Satrapi, depicting the struggle people when through in the Islamic republic of Iran. I chose the movie as I seek to identify the self and other relationship in power in the state especially of Iran.The movie is about Marjane Satrapi life during the Revolution of Iran and after that. This movie has been constructed based on a book called Persepolis written by Marjane Satrapi. The movie has been directed by herself and a French director, Vincent Paronnaaud.Marjane has grown in a Marxist family as we can see she speaks with God and Marx in her dreams. Before the Revolution his uncle and some of her family's friends had been imprisoned by the state of Shah (king of Iran) they fought against of the state. After the Revolution, when the fundamentalists and religious forces rose to power, many of them were imprisoned or executed or many of them had to leave Iran.Some years later and during the Iran/Iraq war, Marjane's parents made a difficult decision to send her to school in Austria because of her safety. Marjane lived and gained some experiences there but after high school she found herself alone and home sick. So, she decided to return to Iran.In Iran she could enter art school and get married. At age 24, she realized that she cannot live in Iran. Then she makes a decision to leave her country for France.The movie starts with the days of Revolution of Iran. Before the Revolution, there was a kingship state (Pahlavi) in Iran. Iran has had the most traditional of shape of state that is kingship. This kind of state begins with Empire of Iran in the 6th century BC by Great Cyrus.King ship is a traditional kind of totalitarian power that power concentrates in an individual (king). King knows itself as a certain destiny of a nation. King presents his power as a divine vocation. We can see in the movie that Marjane tells father:-As for myself, I think I love the Shah. He's been chosen by God. God himself told me, the teacher too.So, we can see that power influence in education institutions, like other institutions, that King is a divine power. In such state power is patrimonial. This patrimonial power means force and fate for people. Such power is rough in according to the movie we can see that Shah imprison or execute the people who oppose him and in the revolts in 1979 he uses of weapon for crushing them.I would like to mention Max Weber work about power and domination. He distinguished three pure types of political leadership and domination: Charismatic domination, Traditional domination and Legal domination.Traditional domination means patriarch, patrimonial is like a kingship state. Fritz.K.Ringer according to Weber:… rests upon belief in the sanctity of rules and powers that have "always existed."…. obedience is due not to rules but to the person of the rules, who either occupies his position by tradition or has been chosen for it by a traditional lord. If the ruler's actions provoke...

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