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Review Sheet

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JS101 Exam 2 Review Sheet Spring 2001 Dr. Quinn Exam 2: Friday, March 23, 2001.Please be as early as possible to the exam. Because of we have evidence of unethical student behavior, we will be instituting special examination procedures that will take additional time to set up.Students will be required to show their IDs at the exam.Required Reading for this exam: On-line · "youngblackmen.htm" · "viowom95.htm" · "" · "" · """Summary" and "Criminal victimization") Text · "C&W" - All of section II (Van Maanen, Weisheit et al., Pogrebin and Poole, Birch) · First 3 chapters of Barker ethnography of LA police TOPIC: Social Construction of Crime This was partially covered in Exam 1. However, you are responsible for the entire section on this exam.1. What are social norms? What's the difference between folkways and mores? 2. Review the "4 basic purposes" of the law and the "4 functions" of the law.3. What's the difference between "deviance" and "criminality"? (The "easy" definition.) 4. What are the 3 factors that should be considered in predicting whether an act will be seen as deviant (or criminal)? Be able to evaluate a scenario and judge which factor is most at work. What is meant by the statement: "no act in and of itself is deviant." 5. We talked more broadly about the notion of "social contruction." What was the point of the "saliva/spit" demonstration and how may this be applied to our definitions of crime and deviance? TOPIC: Is the Criminal Justice System a "System" 1. What is the "accounting" definition of a "system"? By this definition, does the CJ system count as a system? 2. What are the three components of the CJ system (a review from the last exam)? 3. Be able to list the different types of police agencies. About how many different, independent public police agencies are there in the U.S.? Under what branch of government do the police fall? 4. Be able to list the different types of courts. In general, what are the various roles of the courts? Don't worry about specifics, we'll cover that in later sections of the course.5. Who are the main "actors" in the courts? 6. What are the main elements of the "correctional system"? Again, don't worry about details, we'll cover corrections in the last part of the course.7. About how many adult prisons do we have in the U.S.? TOPIC: Measuring Crime UCR 1. What is the "measure crime/sld005.htm" (UCR)? Who compiles it? What does it measure? For how long has data been collected? 2. How is the data for the UCR collected? 3. What crimes are considered Part I crimes? Part II crimes? What is the Crime Index? How is a Crime Rate calculated? Know how to interpret a crime rate is you are presented with one. Also be able to calculate a crime rate.4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the UCR data? In particular, does the UCR...

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