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Review: “The Fine Art Of Getting It Down On Paper, Fast”

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Communicating is the act of casting a series of cues in order to transmit a message. This can be done through voice, hand signals, letters or any other means established by a group of living beings. Effective communication, in the other hand, can only be achieved by following certain rules which are applicable within a desired group; if it is intended to be universal, as most of the professional interchanges are, it must comprehend the broadest standards so any given person to a minimum extent will be able to capture the information.
In an article written to the New York Time in 2005, editorial writer Brent Staples remind us the fact that a large number of executives in American companies are not entirely able to produce their reports in an intelligible manner. According to him, in regard to a study made by the National Commission on Writing, some companies reported that “only one-third or fewer of their employees knew how to write clearly and concisely”. It means that not only the intelligence over important facts in a company might get astray by miscommunication, but also that this company can, and so will the economy as a consequence, work much more efficiently if workers are able to express themselves with fluency.
This, however, is not an issue to be resolved only after its realisation. There has to be prevention, and it comes in form of early education. Children need to finish their studies already in condition to elaborate cohesive sentences. Writing is a skill that never ceases to develop, and the sooner one learns how to put words together in an order that makes sense to most of the people the better communicator he or she will be when achieving adulthood.
Staples mentions the difficulty in implementing this kind of training in basic education. “Persuading schools to improve math and reading instruction has proved difficult,” says he on mentioning the No Child Left Behind Education Act. “Persuading schools to rethink the teaching of writing — those that teach it at all — is going to be a lot harder.” Harder, but not impossible. In raising awareness within the population on...

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