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"The Paleo Diet", by Loren Cordain, PhD. is the bible of the CrossFit Movement, which is the strength and conditioning program followed by many pro athletes, police academies, military special ops and more.

Cordain explains food groups our ancestors would have eaten for sustenance prior to the Agricultural Revolution. By following the Paleo diet we would eat in accordance with our genetics, reduce risk of chronic diseases, experience optimal health and lose weight.

Recommended food groups are:

• Free-range and/or grass-fed poultry, pork, beef, lamb, plus game where possible
• Fish
• Fresh Vegetables
• Fresh Fruits
• Nuts & Seeds
• Healthy Oils – olive, flaxseed, coconut, walnut

Our Paleolithic ancestors did not have salt, refined sugars, processed food, legumes, dairy products or grains.

Everywhere we turn today, we're advised to eat high fiber. According to Cordain, grains aren't the way to go. He contends more fiber is found in non-starchy vegetables and fruits than in grains. Further, grains do not contain vitamins A, C or B12.

Our ancestors were not exposed to dairy products until animals were domesticated. The Paleo Diet fosters bone health, but decrees calcium should not come from dairy products. It appears that although our calcium intake in the U.S. is high, we also incur the most osteoporosis or bone demineralization.

The body is better equipped to use calcium from alkaline fruits and vegetables, than from acid producing foods we commonly eat, such as grains and cheeses. Eating the Paleo way, our body gets back into the correct balance between alkaline and acid foods.

Vegetables are encouraged. Buy from local sources or choose organic. Produce loses optimal nutrients if it isn't consumed soon after harvest. We should eat fruits daily with the awareness...

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