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Review The Performance Of National Solar Mission

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National Solar Mission
Introduction: National solar mission is an endeavour of government of India and state governments to provide alternative renewable energy source which is very vital for sustainable growth and development of country. This will be also very helpful in combating global greenhouse effect. National solar mission is the national action plan inaugurated prime minister on 2008. National action plan advocates use of solar energy as alternative renewable energy source because it is easily and abundantly available throughout pan India due to being a tropical country. National solar mission also looked as measure in providing energy secured future. Programme also aim to suggest ...view middle of the document...

Solar power can provide solution to both issues of low cost and cleaner energy production.Thus it will help to support the international commitment of Copenhagen 2009 summit for reducing GHG emissions. National solar mission foresees the benefits of grid parity through long-term and predictable policy, large-scale deployment, aggressive Research and Development (R&D), and domestic production of critical materials, components, and products required for solar mission beside the value chain. As solar power technology and equipment being costlier compared to other conventional energy sources, one of the objective of solar mission is also to scale up solar power generation capacity and to induce more research to lower down cost for grid parity.
National Solar mission has been planned to be implemented into three phases.
Phase –1in year 2010-2013
Phase-2 for year 2013-2017(both in 12th five year plan),
Phase 3- for year 2017-2022 (13th plan).
Government has planned to review each phase perceptively and make changes if needed to protect government from providing very high subsidy for low cost solar power generation and try to penetrate solar energy technology to generate power both at centralised and decentralised level.
In a first phase focus of mission was on promoting off- grid solar power generation for people who do not have access to electricity and modest size grid based power stations. In second phase they want to try to implement policies with keeping view of status of phase 1 and try to scale up solar energy based power generation.
National solar mission targets:
National solar mission was launched with ambitious target of achieving 20GW power generation for on-grid and 2 GW for off-grid by completion of 3 phase of solar mission.
Sr no Segment Target For Phase1 Cumulative Target for Phase 2 Cumulative Target for phase 3
1 Utility Grid Power
including rooftop 1100 MW 10,000 MW 20,000 MW

2 Off Grid Solar Applications 200 MW 1000 MW 2000 MW

3 Solar Collectors 7 million 15 million 20 million

Batch I, with capacity addition of 150 MW of grid connected solar PV plants and 500 MW of grid connected solar thermal plants was envisioned.
In Batch II, the remaining targeted capacity for 350 MW Solar PVwas granted. Indian and international investors in the grid-connected segment with substantial discounts to the benchmark tariffs determined by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) for 500 megawatt (MW) each of solar thermal and solar Photovoltaic (PV) projects. Power from these solar projects is being bundled with conventional power from the unallocated quota of power from coal-based stations of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) on equal capacity basis. The bundling of solar power with cheaper conventional power reduces the tariff impact of solar power on the distribution utilities.
India is amongst the lowest cost destinations for grid-connected solar PV in the world. In...

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