Revised Law Of Ownership Of Handguns

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In the article “Chicago to allow handgun ownership under revised gun law” by Mark Guarino on July 1,2010 has enact a revised handgun ordinance by the U.S. Supreme Court that will jeopardized Chicago twenty eight year ban on handguns. In the article, “It establishes new rules that people who own guns are to register their firearms with the Chicago Police Department, they have to attend classroom and firing range training and they have to obtain both a special city permit and a state firearm identification card.” They want to ban all aspects of gun ownership in the home but we are protected by the Second Amendment. As stated in the article, “Guns are for self defense and self defense only.” People do have the right to own guns but the way to avoid any type of injuries that are related to handguns they should not have any type of guns in the house in the first place. This article relates to the concepts that we discuss in class such as the Bill of Rights the Second Amendment, civil liberty, and civil rights.
I relate this article to the Bill of Rights the Second Amendment states the right to bear arms. In our textbook American Government Power and Purpose the author states, “The point and purpose of the Second Amendment is the provision of militias; they were to be the backup of the government for the maintenance of local public order. Militia was understood at the time of the Founding to be military or police resources for state governments, and militias were specifically distinguished from armies and troops, which came in the sole constitutional jurisdiction of Congress.” (pg. 89) The Second Amendment states that public officials are the only ones to be able to have the right to bear arms because they are the ones to backup the government if anything goes wrong they can help create peace and order. The Second Amendment states that only the state government such as the military and the police from the armies and troops has the Congress approval to have the right to bear arms.
In the case of the District of Columbia vs. Heller the Supreme Court ruled “That the federal government could not prohibit individuals from owning guns for self-defense in their homes. In the District of Columbia made it impossible for the people to possess any type of legally firearms.” The District of Columbia was under the federal government and so the court did not say that the ruling applies to any type of state firearms laws. This case really shows the limit in the federal government because the District of Columbia is under the federal government watch because the court ruled that it doesn’t applied to any type of the state firearms law. This was about the federal government and how the case was rule that they are not allow any type of ownership of firearms or handguns. This related to the article because at first Chicago was never allow to have any type of ownership of handguns but now that they have pass the law people would be allow to own handguns with...

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