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Revising a paper literally means to “renew again”, to look for something fresh in critical perspective. Revision is an ongoing process of rethinking the paper: reconsidering the arguments, reviewing the evidence, refining the purpose, reorganizing the presentation, reviving the paper’s perspective. At first, I thought revision was just fixing commas, grammar and spelling, but no, fixing minor errors like grammar, spelling and punctuation are called, proofreading. Proofreading is an important step before turning in a paper, but if the ideas are predictable, the thesis is weak, and the organization of the paper is a mess, then proofreading will just act like a band aid to cover the little ...view middle of the document...

Among these commonly made errors are subject verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent errors and run-on sentences. I might say that pronoun-antecedent errors is the most problematic grammar errors I encountered throughout the whole semester. As a matter of fact, I still create this error and noticed a few improvements on this part. However, by practicing and paying attention will help me overcome this dilemma. In addition, even using vague words like good, bad, things etc. becomes a serious complication on my essays. In my first previous essays, I often used the word “good” for describing something that is positive, and “bad” for describing something negative. In fact, these types of words are overused words, and not very appealing to the reader. So, what I did is, I highlight every vague words that I found from my entire essay, and changed it to a more sophisticated words. By using this strategy, I can see several development for me, as being a writer and I can tell a vast difference from the first attempt of my essay to a fully revised one.
MLA formatting is a basic chunk of complication in my essay. For all the essays I accomplished, I never encountered a major problem regarding the MLA errors. However, I often forgot to include page numbers when I’m using a source from a book. Moreover, throughout the whole semester, my MLA formatting skills turn out to be very prominent. In addition, in regards to choosing a satisfying topic sentences and catchy thesis statement. I noticed in my previous essays, that I managed to construct a topic sentences and thesis statement that have a good hook.
The information of the essay is the most important aspect that a reader needs to be satisfied on the essay, and to have a splendid set of information a writer needs a development of ideas and critical thought. An argument is a reasoned answer to the essay question, supported by evidence. The books, articles, and research material that are sources for the essay is the evidence to back up the points of the essay. Throughout the semester, I often left out to introduce the sources that I used in my essay. This becomes a problem on my essay for a really long time. However, I learned to overcome this problem overtime. In addition, developing the ideas for the essay is a challenging section in constructing an essay. A writer needs a clear thought that will represent the whole meaning of the essay. In my previous essays, I tend to mix up some information and jump from one topic to another. In this case, my essay became confusing and the main idea became disoriented. However, in my most current essays, I noticed a huge improvement on my writing skills. Moreover, I became better on developing my ideas and constructing a better content for my essays.
Revision is a crucial part of the writing process. Rarely do polished essays emerge from a first draft. Rather, good writing takes repeated effort. After writing the first draft, let it sit for a several hours or a day before...

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