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Company Name Revlon, Inc.What They Sell? Ø Skin care, cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, and professional products.MISSION STATEMENT FOR REVLON, INC.In order to achieve our Vision, Revlon, Inc., commits to the following: Revlon mission is to provide glamour, excitement, and innovation to consumers through high-quality products at affordable prices. The company is moving into an era of "transforming the beauty industry". Revlon aims to emerge as the dominant cosmetics and personal care firm through the twenty-first century. Revlon continues to focus on developing products to reach existing customers and to attract new customer groups in both domestic and international markets. Revlon also strive to treat employees equal, fair, honest and with integrity. Through our mission Revlon is an internationally know manufacturer and seller of cosmetics and fragrances, and the beginning of a long and exciting journey.PRODUCTS AND BUSINESS CATEGORIES Cosmetics Ø Revlon Ø Almay Ø Ultima II Ø Significant Regional Brands Skin Care Ø Revlon Ø Almay Ø Ultima II Ø Significant Regional Brands Fragrances Ø Revlon Ø Ultima II Ø Significant Regional Brands Personal Care Ø Revlon Ø Almay Ø Significant Regional Brands Professional Ø Revlon Ø Significant Regional Brands EXTERNAL FACTORS Demographic and Societal Trends Ø The cosmetics and personal care industry is impacted by two major changes in the demographic composition of the U.S. population: the aging population and the change in proportions of racial and ethnic population.Ø A significant proportion of the adult U.S. population is made up by the aging baby boomers.Ø 77 million Americans born between 1964 to 1964 help make a significant market for the cosmetics/personal care industry.Ø American between the ages of 35 and 54 grew by nearly 18 million from 1985 to 1995.Ø Many baby boomers have high levels of disposable income.Ø Many baby boomers are brand-loyal consumers.Ø The number of people in the mature market (aged 55 and older) also continues to increase.Ø Women in the mature age group remain active in the workforce for longer periods of time than in the past.Ø The ethnic/racial makeup of the American population is shifting.Ø African American represent the largest minority segment (36 million by 2000) Ø Hispanic American segment is the fastest growing segment and is projected to be the largest minority segment in the United...

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645 words - 3 pages conclusion drawn from an advertisement of a woman for a Revlon advertisement. Furthermore, words like "precision tip, hygiene, natural electricity, sterile and body fluids (Sex as a Symbol...) are a subliminal suggestion, that leads to internal questions for the viewer. Where as, Sanes implied that the fiction people view somehow is or will be inadvertently applied to their life, whether voluntary or involuntary . Sanes also states, "works of fiction

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1138 words - 5 pages celebrate this new feeling of power woman had. In the winter of 1973 , Charles Revson called a high - level meeting of Revlon executives. He had a revolutionary concept he told them : a fragrance that celebrated woman's liberation." The fragrance now know as Charlie was the product of several months of interviewing woman about what they wanted in a perfume. ""Charlie symbolized that new lifestyle." Revlon executive vice president

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1546 words - 6 pages rights activists, deserves the credit for changing the way cosmetics are tested. These activists saved the lives of many rabbits through creative and nonviolent movements. One of Spira's dramatic efforts was his 1980 protest against the cosmetic manufacturer Revlon. Spira and other animal rights activists ran full-page ads in newspapers showing bandaged white rabbits with the caption; "How many rabbits does Revlon blind for beauty's sake?" Some

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724 words - 3 pages of an animal differs greatly from that of a human. The amount of absorption between the two different skin types will have an influence on how the chemical will react once it comes in contact with human skin tissue. Many companies such as Avon, Revlon, and Estee Lauder have completely stopped the use of animals in testing their products. Over 250 companies are also following in their footsteps and seeking new methods to generate the same

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905 words - 4 pages point in the foreseeable future.2. Targeting minorities is not exploitative, because that :2.1 it has been proved to be successful in most business.One of the reasons behind the success of many famous cosmetic brands like Lakme and Revlon is that they study the market and provide the right product for right customers. The new airlines company like South West Airlines in the U.S.A. are making more profits than established old players in airlines

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1786 words - 7 pages make-up industry.路 牋牋牋牋Perfect Color Coordination's strategy is to focus on providing the product to name brand customers like L'Oreal, Revlon, Clairol, and Landsend"o name a few, who are already established in the Internet retail business. Staying with high-end retailers will make Perfect Color Coordination's product a novelty product and Perfect Color Coordination can capture the niche in the market

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2429 words - 10 pages something wrong with the women who perspire. This ad may also reinforce women's thoughts about one of their concerns as a female, perspiration.Another is Revlon (Appendix A). "Your eyes are always perfect, even if your day's not". The photograph of the woman is very soft and very close - up. Her lips and eyes are very glossy and mushy looking. This ad points out the fact that Revlon is hard to resist. This ad seems that to be female is to be delicate and

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1099 words - 4 pages profile, the Charlie by Revlon perfume ad shows a woman winning over a man’s affection (593). This ad includes romance; it signals that if women wear this perfume, they will attract men. A 2010 advertisement, Romance by Ralph Lauren, illustrates an attractive young man and woman embracing each other. This example indicates that if one purchases this perfume, they will obtain romance. Advertisers show friendship in the 1979 Miller Beer ad; three

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