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Revlon Evaluation Essay

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Revlon is known for its hair styling products, cosmetics and nail enamel most of all. Revlon’s first ever product to be made was nail enamel, which was new and exciting during the time in 1955. This distinguished company can easily be spotted in Seventeen Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and even tabloids. In Seventeen Magazine, Revlon has plugged in a new ad for their new collection “Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish”. Revlon describes this product as “a whole new way to experience color” which is found on the ad in Seventeen Mag. Who would have thought that Revlon could still come out with anything else after years of being in business? Well Revlon has, and it’s quite an interesting product. Revlon has invented a new “perfumed” nail polish in scents like “African Tea Rose”, “Apricot Nector”, and Surf Spray”, to have your pretty little fingers smelling good all day. IS the ad found in Seventeen Magazine really effective enough to sell this new product? The evaluation on this ad and product will call upon the rhetorical appeal involving ethos, pathos, and logos of this ads, its effectiveness, and the ads ability at targeting a specific demographic.
Even though it is a world-wide known brand, some people may need some convincing on how credible this product really is. This ad touches on the credibility side of their product, which is ethos, by adding a famous celebrity for the face of this ad. At the bottom of this page, the actress Olivia Wilde is shown to be wearing the Revlon color “China flower”. By using a famous actress, it boosts the appeal and credibility of this brand by reaching out to people who are interested in this actress and enjoy the work she has done as an actress. Also, the brand shows their popularity and credibility because they were credible enough to hire such a popular actress on the cover for this new product spread. To have a double sided and fragranced ad also is a big step towards building credibility towards this brand. Not many brands are as elite as this brand, so it shows how reputable and popular this brand is to the public by having such an array of different ways to show how they are credible and popular amongst teens and woman. Having their ad in a famous magazine like Seventeen is also very credible towards the product and the brand, which gives them a leg up above the other brands competing with Revlon.
The layout and appearance of an ad can make or break a product. The brands name should be visible, have a good color scheme and should be eye catching etc. To support the appeal of pathos with in the ad, it should illustrate many eye catching colors and an appropriate layout of the product. Looking at this ad, it exhibits beautifully dark coloring, deep red roses and dark purple flowers elegantly placed all around the female in the center of the ad creating a sense of mystique and sensual appeal. The model, Olivia Wilde is stunning, showing off her bright red nails while holding deep red roses all around her...

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