Revolution Against Oppression Essay

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Oppression - an unfortunate occurrence that has happened in society as long as there have been people to oppress. The history of the world, also understood as a history of oppression, consists of a series of events that have happened because of the exploitation of people. Most of the time oppression happens because a government feels unstable and desires to remain in power. When a government oppresses its people, the oppressed generally attempt to revolt. During World War I, the Russians revolted against their government and created a communist society. In the novel, 1984, Winston and Julia sought after a revolution, but revolution seemed unthinkable because of the power of Big Brother. In A Tale of Two Cities, the oppressed citizens revolted against the government and aristocracy. In the case of World War II, the Jews became incapable of revolution because they got cut down to focus on survival only. Oppression is at the root of all of the problems people faced in those events and books.
In World War I, the Russians revolted against their czar and created a communist country. Czar Nicholas II caused some of the most disastrous and bloody wars Russia had ever seen, so the people wanted him out. I learned that they had success because revolutionaries sought after a common goal, the communist manifesto. Although the new communist reign seemed beneficial for a while, eventually certain members of society edged their way to the top of the pyramid, negating the communist manifesto. People will permanently have that desire and lust for power and status, only because that became engrained into human nature. The Russian communist society may have fought a successful revolution from the czar, but in the end equality did not become an aspect in the people’s eyes.
In the book, 1984, Winston and Julia aspired to revolt, but failed because of the constant watchful eye of Big Brother. The inner Party oppressed the outer Party and proles by stealing away all freedoms they had, even the freedom of thought. When constantly monitored and scrutinized, people have no control over their lives or actions, taking away the ability to revolt. The totalitarianism government of the Party appeared malevolent and evil, but seemed very clever by keeping all of their people oppressed and powerless, canceling out the possibility to revolt. Also, by taking away all rights and freedoms, the Party made sure that the oppressed saved all of their emotions to direct against enemies of the Party in a Two Minute Hate or Hate Week, which created a false patriotism within the people. When Winston and...

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