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Revolution Causes Essay

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They say that a shot against another man is an act of war, we say it is an act of protection. As Englishmen we must defend our rights. As rebellion struck in Massachusetts on April 19th, 1775.Those first few shots that were made at Lexington and Concord proved what the both of us wanted. Many hoped for the rebellion to die out but it unfortunately did not. Battles proceeded with it and more and more people were separating in their different ways. There were four main options that started to arise, but out of all of them defending our rights is the best. By doing this we are not going against Her (Great Britain) but we are simply asking for what we well deserve. The colonies will not accept ...view middle of the document...

Ever since the beginning of this country (America) he’s been doing so. Freedom is important, for our future generations and for us now. Slavery is not something that we want to be victims of. Although we move alongside Britain, we as colonies still believe that no one has the rights to take away our freedom.All that we ask is that our rights are restored back to us.
If we ever happen to lose the mother country, then we will be at a great loss. The colonies are willing to provide Her with funds and in return we should be yielded with defense and administration. The past ten years have been immensely brutal. From all the outrages to all of the battles. Both the colonies and Britain have suffered greatly, and that cannot be argued against. Without the colonies Britain would be at loss. For the loyalty that we’ve shown and the ties that we’ve made deserves appreciation. It should not be thought that we as colonies are at a loss because Great Britain does not want to give our rights back. With all due respect, we can use the same commodities that we gave to Britain and make it into so much more. “But let them not think to exclude us from going to other markets, to dispose of those commodities which they cannot supply…” (John Adams, Letter to editor of the Boston Newspaper). If John Adams can state publicly that we are not helpless, then this may just be the case. Once again there is to state that as Englishmen we will defend our rights.

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