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Revolution: Human Philosophies Against What Is Going On At That Point In Time

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The definition of a revolution by A Beka World History text book says, “A movement that attempts to apply unaided human philosophy to all areas of man’s life in order to establish a new social order.” Revolutions are human philosophies against what is going on at that point in time. In history, many revolutions have happened all around the world. In David A. Bell’s article “Inglorious Revolution” he says, “Few revolutions have been quick successes. They have been messy, bloody, long, drown-out affairs.” Mao Zedong says, “A revolution is not a dinner party.” The Russian Revolution of 1917, introduced communism in to the world, killing many Russians through starvation. Many revolutions are considered to be a terrible act for the most part they are, but some may not be. When started correctly, a revolution does not have to a terrible act of bloodshed and violence.
Revolutions are effected by the morals of the country. Depending on where the country stands morally, what they considered to be right and wrong, will affect how a revolution will processed. The morals of the leaders will effect a revolution. Where these leaders stand on their morals will affect the direction that the people wish to go. People by nature go with the flow, and if their leader is going in one direction, wither good or bad, that is the directions the people will go. Maximilion de Robespierre was the leader of the French Revolution. He said, “The Revolution is the war of liberty against its enemies.” The liberty that Robespierre was picturing was one of his own making with bloodshed, and violence against the French people. His revolution ended up killing the King and Queen of France, King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette his queen, by beheading them. Robespierre had no concern for how many people he killed during his time in power causing his reinh to be called “The Reign of Terror” during which forty thousand people died. Robespierre clearly had no concern for the people of France.
The leader of the American Revolution was George Washington. Many pictures have been painted of George Washington praying in the forest looking for God’s guidance to lead his men. The most famous of these paintings is called “Praying at Valley Forge” brilliantly depicted by Arnold Friberg. Washington was a man of great morals that cared about his men. His morals that he learned in his early life lead the American Revolution to a cleaner war. American Revolution had no men that dies for no reason. They died in battle fighting for something that was right, unlike the many French that were killed for now reason. Washington was not the only person that led the country with honor, many others such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and the Founding Fathers helped to make the revolution work. In his article, Bell talked about a member of the Committee of Safety saying, that if they attacked England before talking to the people, other governments will say that they unnecessarily...

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