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Revolution Of Marriage Essay

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Marriage has taken a drastic turn throughout the past years; there have been new laws, regulations, and new marriages all together in these years. Race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and class, all play a role in the cycle of marriage. With the new changes that have happened within marriages, those new developments have been looked at the most when a couple is going to gets married. One can possibly learn new facts and gain more knowledge about the new revolution marriage has taken after reading this essay.
Earlier in the years, marriage occurred more commonly between people of the same race and ethnicity; it was unusual when marriage would occur between different races. Such marriages caused controversies, and were not accepted as well as those that occurred between the same races. The “marriages between African Americans and whites increased rapidly between 1980 and 2008, outpacing the rate of unions between whites and other ethnic and racial groups, including Latinos, Asian Americans and American Indians” (Qian). When such marriages would take place, people would ask themselves how is it that their parents allowed this to happen.
There has been, however, a decline in marriages. What is causing such a decline? Well for one, there are a few reasons to this decline; “this decline is a central characteristic of recent levels of divorce, nonmarital childbearing, and cohabitation” (Bumpass): many couples are no longer getting married, they form a family but do not officially get married. It has become increasingly common since the 1980s, and especially in the 21st century.
21st century marriages are merely different than what they were in the 80s; now there is more to take into consideration when one is getting married, for example, money is the big issue now because women can be financially stable without having to marry a man. “Today: Bride pride – Marriage is the ultimate expression of love, leading gays and lesbians to seek the right to marry, but also encouraging couples to cohabit until they’re sure about their “soul mate.” Not only is one dating a person for a long time but they are also holding back marriage making it less of an option. Simply living with someone is much more common now, than it was back then because before when you would want to live with someone that meant you would have to marry them, now you can simply be with them without having to think or worry about marrying them until either one is ready.
“Marriage rates fall – but the fantasy of the perfect wedding is ubiquitous” (Staff). Although the rates have dropped over the years, nearly all women dream of the perfect wedding. Which female would not want their special day to be memorable? It will most likely only happen once in their lives, they want to make it as big and memorable as possible; their dream wedding. Since the marriages are dropping, many women are just living with their boyfriends, or simply are not dating because they do not need to depend on...

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