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Battles That Help United States Win Independence From Britian

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Have you ever wondered,what are the battles that helped the US win our independence from Britain? The Battle of Trenton wasn't simply a battle, it had been a historical moment where it was basicly a turning point for the american troops this battle helped gain the morale of Washington's troops and gained the desire to fight on.But this is not the only battle that was necessary to the Revolutionary War,The Battle of Saratoga this battle was, in addition to the others, a great battle as a result of here the American forces stopped to any other further advances from British troops.Finally, The Battle of yorktown this battle not only was the time the american troops were on the brink to winning their independence it had been a very tough however rewarding battle for independence that the french also helped become a part of. throughout The Battle of Trenton there have been many times that a retreat was necessary and lots of times they did retreat and when Washington realized that he may not hold his troops at Trenton Washington retreated and on December 30th Washington accompanied with 2,000 troops marched back towards New jersey with hopes of victory at Trenton.The Battle of Trenton was a turning point for the Americans within the Revolutionary War.once crossing the icy Delaware, the Patriot’s win boosted troops morale.Since the British were relaxed and unsuspecting, Washington declared that currently was the time to attack. His set up was to send 3 different divisions across the Delaware at different times throughout the night, then take part in an attack on the Hessians. This operation needed each man and was a large risk. They crossed the river in boats through sleet, hail, and ice. The Americans then charged on the sleeping Hessians and in one hour captured 1,000 prisoners and took Trenton.Although the battle of Trenton wasn't THE battle that had...

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