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Even before the tragic day of September 11th, 2001 an important question lingered on the minds of political powers around the world. Will the Middle East (the perceived homeland of all that is civil and governmental unrest) ever experience peace within their own country? Will they ever be able to experience the sense of unity that comes with maintaining a collaborative relationship with the outside world? Or are they destined to remain a picturesque version of all that is wrong with the world, feeding their image with bloody attacks and a fanatical, violent, and obsessive religious movement? The path to peace has yet to be clearly identified, announced or plotted into action, but the possibility (although hard to imagine) of peace is quite fathomable in our modern world.
The major roadblock in the long traveled journey towards a peaceful union between the Middle East and the rest of the world lies in the form of the fanatic Islamic movement (its most notorious leader being the infamous, terror-motivated militant, Osama Bin Laden). According to Nader, a Muslim researcher set on clarifying the lines between fanatic and not, "these radical Muslims changed the teachings of Islam using the man-made Hadiths and sunna (sayings and traditions falsely attributed to the prophet Muhammad) that contradict the Quran and allow them all kinds of oppression, aggression, and terrorism" (2011). Misconstrued religious motivation has been at the heart of unrest in the Middle East for far longer then most can even imagine.

Religious wars have raging between radical Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and all other opposing religions for longer then our world history has been recorded.
The most well-known Holy War involving the religion of Islam is the battle between the Islamic faith and Judaism. Still raging on today, the land of Israel has transformed from a beautiful and sacred place to an arena of criminal activity, attempted genocide, and a never-ending pursuit of total occupation. This religiously motivated war has been seen witnessed by not only our generations, but by all of the generations that we, in time, replaced. The motives behind this bottomless war are, at times, difficult to understand. As a religiously tolerant civilization, the Western people seem to have a difficult time comprehending such destruction to fellow human beings in the name of a religious cause. When we examine the more fanatic teachings of Islam, it is easy to read between the lines and realize that the religion of Judaism is not only perceived as standing in the way of the Islamic cause, but it is seen as a dangerous enemy, posing a great threat to the Islamic god, Allah.
History is rich with tales of bloodshed within this struggle for power over a land divided between two beliefs. According to the Palestinian News Watch "Palestinian religious leaders consistently assert that all of Israel, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, is a sacred, indivisible Waqf (religious...

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