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The Revolutionary War was bound to happen. The Americans and the British anticipated it. For years and years the American colonies were forced to endure an increasingly harsh rule by their mother country. The opposition to that rule had flamed hotter with each passing year, finally reaching such a heat that the colonists were ready to rebel. The colonists' victory in the Revolutionary War can be attributed to three main occurrences. The first is the Battle of Concord which was the first victory for the colonists. The second contributing factor in the colonists' victory is the great military leadership, and the third factor is the British surrendering at Yorktown.April 19, 1775 some seventy minutemen stood on the village common at Lexington, Massachusetts waiting for the British redcoats to come by on their way to Concord. In the Massachusetts colony the minutemen had spent months storing military supplies at Concord. The minutemen knew that the British commander General Thomas Gage was aware of their supply and would send out troops to destroy it. That day had dawned. Gage's troops came galloping into Lexington and there stood the minutemen led by Captain John Parker. The British outnumbered the minutemen by a great deal and Parker ordered his men to disband. Abruptly afterwards shots rang out, no one knew from which side the shots had fired but the redcoats were ordered to open fire. Eight Americans died, and ten fell wounded. The redcoats rode onto Concord. Waiting at Concord were 400 minutemen, they lay concealed in the woods around town. The British troops entered the town and burned houses and destroyed ammunition they found. The minutemen drew closer and closer to the redcoats at the bridge. The redcoats opened fire. Their first shots fell short. The minutemen spread out and returned fire, nine fell wounded and three were killed. The British were ordered to withdraw. The British troops left Concord exhausted and thinking the fighting was over. They were wrong. The minutemen dogged the redcoats every move. The Americans sniped at the redcoats throughout the miles to Boston. The British column reached Boston with nearly 300 dead and wounded comrades. Word of the Concord victory swept throughout the colonies. The leaders of the colonies began to unite behind Massachusetts. The Americans began to feel hopeful of Independence and the militia increased and gained extraordinary talented military leaders.The Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775. They realized that the colonies must now unite and fight for their rights. They began by establishing the continental Army and choosing the officer who would lead it. They chose George Washington. Washington commanded the...

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1032 words - 5 pages The American Revolutionary was only the middle of American History. The Revolutionary war began way before America’s major involvement when the British Government gained power. The war paved the way to the way we fight wars today due to the mistakes that the British made in their fight that eventually caused them to lose the war against the British Colonies. Many tax oppositions were made, many wars were fought, but in the end the British

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856 words - 3 pages Revolutionary WarHow can a major world power lose a significant war against a country that is less than half of its size, and has a couple thousand soldiers? This question was answered by many historians in the past and almost all of them agreed that England could of easily crushed the America in the American Revolution, but the question still is: why didn't they?The odds of America wining the Revolutionary war were very slim, almost none

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1076 words - 4 pages British. The British passed harsher laws, banned town meetings, took away the power of local officials, and finally closed Boston Harbor, which prevented goods from going in and out of the city.1 This single act of colonial resentment towards royal authority paved the way for the inevitable, The Revolutionary War. With turmoil unfolding, members of the First Continental Congress met and urged that each colony organize a volunteer army to protect

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1601 words - 6 pages The American Revolutionary War in 1775-1783 was a historic moment in American history as it signaled America’s stand for its freedom from the English monarchy and to retain the rights it has slowly developing upon their stay in the country. Many skirmishes and battles happened throughout the country and it may seem as if the Englishmen had the upper hand due to their superior naval and military capability that may help them win the war. It

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665 words - 3 pages achieve anything, and this is exactly how the Americans pushed all the way to victory. As shown above, all the reasons combined show how the Americans won and British lost the Revolutionary War. The most important grounds why the British lost was because they did not use a good strategy, they did not take the war seriously. Also, the Americans had more motivation; they had something to work for. Whereas the British were there merely to do the job and get it done. These are just a few primary reasons as to why the British lost the war and Americans pushed all the way to their victory.

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