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Innovative Approaches to Corporate ManagementRussell DeSalvoRES 110 Introduction to Research and Information UtilizationInstructor: Patrick DevlinJune 1, 2008Innovative Approaches to Corporate ManagementCorporations today are faced with finding and addressing innovative and inventive ways to approach management of the companies personal, products and marketing. Managers today are required to think a little smarter and try to approach personnel and marketing issues with better ideas in order to stay competitive. Innovation and new ideas have become more prevalent in companies overseas leaving behind many of the bigger companies in the U.S. that at one time were leaders in many industries around the world. Becoming innovative with ideas is not something a company needs to do; it's something that must be done. The time is now for a new approach to management of personnel, products, and marketing.Quality communication is often taken for granted, and many times over looked. Communication between upper and middle management and down to the employee level is not only necessary but critical for the success of the business and the internal functions of the business. As stated in an article by McCune (1991) different approaches to communications are sometimes a hard sale to all the management within an organization. He goes on to state that most of the resistance typically comes from the middle management and the process will sometimes turn into a game of cat and mouse as the middle management tries to ignore the coming changes. Good communication skills are a key to success at every level. McCune (1991) the biggest mistake someone can make is assuming that the work they perform speaks for itself. Many times in large organizations upper management will not be aware of all that is going on around them and without good communication, many problems can go unnoticed.In business today communication comes in many different forms. E-mail, cell phone, conference call, log books and face to face meetings are just a few communication practices used. For each situation one of these forms will be the preferred method of communication since many times one or more of these will not be practical. For any business, large or small, communication is the first and most important key to becoming a success.In an informative article by Kelley (2006) Owens Corning decided to re-vamp the company's communications vehicle and sought out help from the Jim Shaffer Group to assist them in implementing a standardized method for internal and external communication within the company. Together, Owens Corning and the Jim Shaffer Group created what is now called the Core Communication System (CCS). The CCS is an operational road map or a set of guidelines for the company to follow. This system was implemented and saw amazing results in a five year period. The CCS was made up of proven techniques within Owens Corning and from other world class companies that...

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