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Reward And Motivation Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to write about roles of reward systems in the 10th Security Forces Squadron (SFS) located at the United States Air Force Academy. I will discuss whether I believe in the current reward system and whether the reward system motivates employees to achieve the unit’s organization goals. Moreover, from my opinion, I will discus whether employees are satisfied with the current reward system and what I would do to improve the current system to make more effective.
     Currently, the 10th Security Forces Squadron has many reward systems in place. One of which is a 100 percent tuition assistance program (TA) for all active duty military members who attend college. Tuition assistance helps motivate all types of active duty military members to complete their college degree with hardly any out of pocket expenses to the military member. Even though the TA program is widely disseminated throughout the Air Force Academy, not many members in the 10 SFS take advantage of TA.
Many of the members at the 10th SFS work 12 to 14 hour shifts and these shifts vary every week creating the issue of not having set days off, therefore, creating schedule conflicts. Moreover, when reading further into TA, what’s not widely disseminated is that there is a capitation for the cost of college that the government will pay. Beginning October 1, 2002, TA will be capitated at $3,400, meaning if an active duty military member uses the complete total of $3,400 in less than one year, that military member will have to find a way to pay for the rest of his or her college until the next fiscal year, which is from October to October.
Many employees in the 10th SFS are young troops that live in the dorm. The question has been asked at dorm meeting why the troops do not take advantage of TA and the response that troops do not want to pay any out of pocket expense because they cannot afford books and tuition, has been overwhelming. The second reason for not going to college and using TA was shift work that most troops have to endure. Most of the troops flight chiefs will work with a school schedule; however, the flight chief cannot guarantee that the military member can be let off work to attend every class. Therefore, most troops feel that TA and college is too much trouble and do not want to bother with it.
A second form of reward is fringe compensation. The fringe compensation that I will be talking about is free time off. Due to employees at the 10th SFS working such long hours and not being able to spend time with their family members, time off is very important to these people. Therefore, their flight chiefs will look at the employee’s uniforms, dress appearance, hygiene, and work performance to evaluate who will get an extra day off. This type of reward systems has worked very well within the unit; it has worked so well that the operations section is now rotating every Friday off for each employee, so that every person that...

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