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Cohen (1997) have found to cost of replacing a register nurse is placed at about $7000 and in a 200 unit chain can expect to incur about $10.3 million in turnover cost per year. The loss of talented employees may be very detrimental to the age care success.Outstanding employees may leave an organization because they become dissatisfied, underpay or unmotivated and outstanding performance is not reward so while trying to retain employees within the organization may present a challenge (Scott, J 2002).Reinforce motivationMotivation is a reflection of the reasons why people do things, all behavior, all behavior is therefore based on choice- people choose o do thing that they do, and sometimes this choice is very restricted.People need rewards, both extrinsic (money, trappings and status) and intrinsic (challenge and achievement), also people need to be accepted, recognized and valued by others, this value arises through a combination of pursuing thing that the individual knows or perceives will be valued by those around them.Commitment and retention of employeesEmployees who are committed to implementing the change will be expected to adapt their behavior to be consistent with the spirit of the change, however, the changes is depend on the nature of their commitment(Scott, 2002).Research has found, commitment is accompanied by a mind- set of desire, the behavioral consequences of commitment are perceived by the individual to be broader than when commitment is accompanied by a mind set of perceived cost or obligation (Salton, Soltysik, 2000). Such as when employees want to engage in a course of action because of attachment to, identification with, or shared values with the target of the commitment, they are less sensitive to cues that potentially delimit the behavior. Moreover, those with higher levels of affective commitment were more likely than those with weaker commitment to engage in behaviors.Incentive compensation is one method which is used to reduce the problem surrounding the effort to retain employees particular when the age care start to use computer system, incentive pay will provide a competitive wage which will let the employee feel paid fairly and it will encourage the employee to comply with organizational practices. Age care by participant to using pay incentive to reward the employee for reaching company goals and demonstrating loyalty to the organization will improve the job satisfaction by employees which will lead...

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645 words - 3 pages . They will need to use creativity and ingenuity to change the dynamic of the team for the success of PNB. One way of helping prepare loan officer for the task of leadership would be to recognize and reward accomplished goals and shared responsibilities at PNB. PNB will begin to reward leadership instead of the status quo. It is important for the employees at PNB to come together in an alliance to support change and the skills that are required to

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824 words - 3 pages the best rewards that higher management can use and my employer uses is that they empower the best teams. Empowerment is a tool that can be a better motivator and a better reward than monetary means. Empowerment makes work experience all the more worthwhile giving employees a feeling of ownership, confidence and less stress making them more productive.Monetary incentives have always been a great tool at our institution to reward most productive

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1620 words - 6 pages should feel equally treated if they get a level of reward that they perceive as being equivalent to the inputs they provided. However, Equity Theory also assumes that their inputs and outcomes are being compared to someone else’s. Therefore, the employees need to be able to have knowledge of other people’s inputs and outcomes in order to recognize equity. Equity perceptions are not objective but subjective. So, one individual’s perceptions of what

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1644 words - 7 pages to be continually interested and committed to make an effort to attain a goal. That is motivation. Traditional approaches to motivation emphasize the importance of financial rewards. However, modern approaches are based on a better understanding of human psychology, which is they recognize the role of money in a broad approach to motivation. Financial rewards include payment system, incentive schemes and fringe benefit. Payment scheme is methods

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594 words - 3 pages current development of a new multi-stakeholder standard under the consensus process of American National Standard Institute (ANSI) for Sustainable Agriculture. SCS offers the Certified Sustainably Grown program to recognize and reward producers who are committed to sustainable agricultural production. Key Features of SCS Sustainably Grown Program  Spotlights companies meeting the highest environmental, social, quality and safety

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2376 words - 10 pages children attention when they are misbehaving. Any type of positive reinforcement works best when given immediately after the desired behavior. This means that the shorter the amount of time between a behavior and a reward or reinforcer, the stronger the connection between the two will be (Roundy). An extensive study by LeGray, Dufrene, Mercer, Olmi, and Sterling showed that pre-teaching the alternative behavior immediately resulted in greater

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