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Reward Is A Reinforcer For Employees And Students

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Intrinsic rewards are not patterned financial rewards are associated with the requirement for employees to achieve greater success , recognition, a sense of responsibility , influence and development of other individuals. The requirements of the above is a strong motivator and contrast to the one . Each employee has different needs and desires . Rate a tremendous appreciation and gratitude is enough to inspire us all because of the appreciation of the value of giving someone touches his soul and give vigor to keep trying. Appreciate or appreciated regardless of age or where only a thousand meanings. Skinner ( 1969 ) reveals that the reward is a reinforcer . Reinforcing Here the meaning is interrelated aspects to the values that influence an individual's needs . However , Wether states that reward is what an individual received in return for a given job . It is the responsibility of an organization or institution to provide compensation and benefits to employees or students commensurate with a workforce that has been poured . The importance of rewards and benefits are indeed undeniable. If the employee or student is not satisfied with the compensation and benefits provided , then this will result in the existence of such problems as absenteeism , job rotation rate employing high , declining productivity and not serious in doing work .
Praise is a high appreciation value and can be an effective motivator as long as it is reasonable and sincere . While praise was cost , management rarely use praise as an effective motivator . According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs , appreciation and love is very important to show one's appreciation of our work . Praise should be continuous and should be kept in mind that compliments too often or too high will leave a negative impression . Praise is to be smart and it can be associated with a real achievement . Praise be dishonest negative impact on management . Praise should also be given by the administration of insight from their subordinates or students . The next administration to respond to the views of employees. Time to give credit must be appropriate and not wait too long to be delivered to employees who are entitled to . Praise whether written or oral form , either privately or in public is one way to describe the feeling of watching out for employees or students . Letters of appreciation given preferably signed by at least the head of the department. Letter of appreciation should be associated with the quality of work and outstanding achievements that have been accomplished to accompany the praise given.
Achievement award . Award for outstanding employee or employee expectations such awards may be given . The award may be given in the form of rewards or keepsake gift . Publicity may be given to recipients through internal circulation magazines , photographs , displayed on a bulletin board or hold special awards ceremony where senior management were present . The achievement awards to students as the...

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