Profitable Recaptivation Of Primary Aluminum Essay

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Prepared in Partial fulfillment of
Practice School - 1 Programme of
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus
(22 MAY, 2013- 13 JULY, 2013)
Submitted By: Shaurya Malhotra ID No: 2011B5A4683P
Vikas Jakhoria ID No: 2011B3C7360P

It is a pleasure to work for HINDALCO, India's largest integrated aluminum plant.
It has been a very educating experience, with a lot to learn from it.
It has been a great experience to work under the guidance of our mentor
Mr.Jagpal Singh (Head of reduction plant).It was a pleasure to serve under his
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Sushil Pandey , Mr. Akhilesh Gupta,
Mr.Aditya Bhargava and Mr. Rajeev Mehta for their valuable time. Without their
support and guidance this project would not have been possible.
We would also like to thanks our coordinator Mr. S.K. Das and PS Faculty Mr.
Madhukar Mishra for their support and encouragement.

Abstract 4
1. Introduction 5
2. Need for the project 6
3. Scope 6
4. Assumptions 6
5. Method 7
6. Observations 8
6.1 Production Statistics 8
6.2 Sales Statistics 11
6.3 Market Study 11
6.4 Expanding the Fabrication Plant 13
6.5 Expanding the Rolling Mill 13
7. Suggestions and Recommendations 14
8. Appendix 15
9. References 19

This Report focuses on the interpretation of statistical and sales data of the
aluminum plant, HINDALCO. It will lay stress on the detailed analysis of
production statistics, which include all kinds of manufacturing and production
costs as well as the product sales, of the integrated plant.
It has been found out that the selling of raw aluminum is less profitable. The
report identifies how HINDALCO can effectively consume its raw aluminum by its
own upstream plants in more profitable ways by increasing production of
fabricated goods and entering into new profitable markets.

The Hindustan Aluminum Corporation Limited was established in 1958 by the
Aditya Birla Group. In 1962 the company began production in Renukoot in Uttar
Pradesh making 20 thousand metric tons per year of aluminum metal and 40
thousand metric tons per year of alumina. In 1989 the company was restructured
and renamed Hindalco.
The company has annual sales of US$5 billion and employs 13,675 people and is
listed on Forbes 2000. A metals powerhouse with a turnover of US $14 billion,
Hindalco is one of the world's largest aluminum rolling companies and one of the
biggest producers of primary aluminum in Asia.

The aluminum industry is hit hard by the increasing cost of production of
primary aluminum thus a decreasing profit rate. These challenging times call for
quick measures to survive in the market. It has become very important to come
up with new plans and ideas resulting in profitable captivation of metal, to
compete in the league global producer.
 The report seeks to address the...


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