Rewards And Difficulties For Working High School Students

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What are the pros and cons of working high school students? Today’s teenagers want higher dollar items such as electronics to high dollar fashion items that are trending. According to the bureau of labor statistics about “forty one percent of high school freshmen work during the school year or the following summer, compared to sixty five percent of sophomore’s seventy nine percent for juniors, and eighty seven percent for seniors”(bureau of labor). Working anytime during high school can be difficult and at the same time very rewarding. Working at any time during high school can be popular and at the same time it’s not for everyone. The student must understand their motive for working as well ...view middle of the document...

Now let’s talk about some of the cons of a high school student working. A working high school student could be exposed to an extra amount of stress by working compared to one that does not. A job could cause the students grades to drop by not having a good amount of time to study and do homework. The student could end up spending their money foolishly and not learning how to spend wisely and save money. By working the student could also have less time to be social with their own friends and family. Working may not allow them to explore extra after school activities such as sports, debate teams and so on. Working as a high school student may also instill the ideal that the student does not need to finish school, giving the mindset why sit in a class and have no money when I can go and work get paid and do what I want. With a student working and having their own money on a regular bases could possible open them up to fake friends who only have something to do with them due to them having money in turn getting used by a fake friend. A working student could possibly lose a lot of sleep due to having to do their homework at late night and last minute to keep their grades up.
For my conclusion on high school students working,...

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