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Rewrite T.S. Eliot's "Little Gidding" As Though He Was From A Different Religious Background To Christianity. Justify Your Version

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To live harmoniously in and with nature,In a world where every concept, every theme, every theoryHas its own extreme opposite counterpart.Where the seasons eternally compete but none will ever triumph-Sunny days will be saturated and lively lakes frozen to ice,Frost will be melted and puddles dried by the sun.To unify the past, present and future as one moves from life to life,And with each a different lesson learnt.And we will seek fulfillment and harmony always,Causing harm will incur harm to oneself multiplied threefold,But more importantly, all is sacred, every life.Water and fire do (and always have) coexisted in life and in death,In reality and in idealism.Morning and night eternally ...view middle of the document...

For history is a pattern of timeless moments,As there is no more a temporary word than “now”.In researching for this assignment, I realized that there were many themes central to both the Wiccan faith and this poem, “Little Gidding”, the most prominent of which being the duality and equality of the elements, and, in turn, the seasons. As the poem has several recurring themes, I’ve tried to write this poem in terms of themes, to reflect Wiccan beliefs and values.T.S. Eliot’s “Little Gidding” focuses on uniting the past, present and future. It also suggests that the understanding of this unity is necessary for salvation. Generally, the Wiccan faith does not ascribe to seeking salvation, for two different reasons. Firstly, Wiccans believe that there is nothing to be saved from, as they do not believe in Satan or the Devil. However, in accordance with their belief of duality, evil exists because good exists, but in Wicca there is not a character or name given to evil, there is nothing like “the Devil made me do it”. Secondly, Wiccans believe that any conduct or behavior is acceptable as long as nobody is hurt. Therefore, Wiccans will do not need to seek salvation because unless they have harmed someone they have not done anything wrong, and there is nothing to be saved from because Satan or the Devil do not exist (Harwood, 2007). This is why I deliberately left out any references to Satan, salvation or forgiveness which were originally in the poem.The first two of the thirteen principles of Wiccan belief (similar to the 10 Commandments) talk about “attuning ourselves with the natural rhythms of life forces”, and “live in harmony with Nature, in ecological balance”, which is why I changed Eliot’s tone of this theme from setting a context to nature being its own theme, as it is in the Wiccan faith. Wiccans place a huge emphasis on living in harmony with nature, and not harming anyone. Part of this is because of the Threefold Law (similar to some Eastern religions’ concepts of Karma): whatever we do comes back to us multiplied by three. This is related to the Wiccan belief that an act of harm harms us all, a natural law. This concept makes every individual accountable for his or her actions, as well as events which happen to them that appear to be random or uncontrollable. This concept reminded me of the Christian principle- “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”.Wiccan beliefs also include the theory of polar opposites- everything has a dual side (light and dark, up and down, black and white), and that neither are ever superior to the other. This is where I attempted to write about the seasons as reflecting the five elements of Wiccan belief, of air, fire, water and earth. The fifth element is the spirit, but I couldn’t find a way to incorporate that into the seasons analogy.Depending on the coven, or even on the individual, there are many...

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