Gig: The Book To Help Decide Your Major

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You are a freshman entering college with wide eyes and a bright smile, curious to the intricacies of the new world by which you seem to be encompassed. Upon entering your first day of your first English class, the teacher holds up a piece of literature encased in lively yellow binding. It is a book that is used as required reading material for that class. The first thing that you note is that the book looks far less intimidating than some of the other published documents you are forced to acquire during your first semester at the university. And, unlike the others, this one will be of some use to you later on in life. It can provide you a sense of direction in your current stint of utter confusion. This book is known as GIG.
More than half of college students will change majors at least one time, and a majority of these changes occur during your first year. You do not know what you want to do quite yet, because you are not yet aware of the multitude of job opportunities available to you. GIG can help with that by educating you about many of the options one would not even initially consider while deciding one area of interest to govern as their major. This is due to the fact that it includes an array of job titles separated into five different job fields. Keep in mind that it is not a how-to book. It is simply a piece of instructive information that will broaden your horizons and introduce you to many new job types. Even if it does not necessarily show you a specific job you may feel enticed to pursue, it can eliminate options that you previously contemplated pursuing. Reading this book will not only introduce you to new topics, but it will also relate the topic to your experiences.
GIG is not a book that includes the wild crazy jobs that nobody actually aspires to do. Instead it only includes job categories that are more common. This helps to relate it to the average reader instead of a specific, narrow audience. It is not expected of you to determine what you wish to do with your college career and career after college based on this book. Instead, its main focus is to formulate ideas in your brain by allowing it to process new information. That, in turn, will give you a broader collection of options to consider. Ergo, your major search should become easier.
When thinking of the chapters to include in my new version of GIG, I had to keep two main areas of focus in mind. I had to include chapters that seem to be relevant to the reader in some aspect while also captivating the reader’s attention. It is hard to find that balance in a majority of the chapters. A lot of them seem to be long winded and boring, while others just seem to be irrelevant, meaning; the knowledge does not interest the average reader simply because it does not pertain to them. Hence, I wanted to pick my chapters based on the job titles that both interests the reader and relates to them. To me, those chapters are Bodies and Souls, Children and Teachers, Sellers and Goods,...

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