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Rewriting Of Hester Prynne's Fate Essay

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To the astonishment to her townspeople, Hester Prynne's beauty didn't diminish after being pilloried on the scaffold. On the contrary, she went through this ordeal with almost a serene deportment. Hester had never looked more elegant or more dignified before. It was the elaborate embroidery of the scarlet letter that made her radiant with sublime beauty. Though exquisite painfulness could still be sensed in her haughty smile, the woman seemed to get great inner strength from a mysterious source.Outlawed from the Puritan society, Hester Prynne and her daughter moved to the far east of Boston, where their shabby little house stood solitarily near the bay. Unlike usual, Hester appeared extremely excited today. She combed her glossy hair over and over again and put on a nice gown. She looked at herself in the mirror; passion shone from her eyes. Little Pearl was still asleep, but Hester couldn't help humming to her. Finally there he came - the man she'd been waiting for - the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale."Arthur, takest me out of this place! Please, Arthur! Wilt thou? " Hester's cheeks glowed with excitement. "Hester, we...I...I am powerless to. Lost as my soul is, I have no other thought than to drag on my earthly existence in the sphere where Providence hath placed me." the minister murmured. "No," she cried hoarsely, "Thou art not sinful! Neither am I! What we did had a consecration of its own. We felt it so! We said so to each other. Hast thou forgotten it?" "No, I have not forgotten and will not forget it. But we have sinned against our Lord. Even if we escaped from people's contempt, how could we ever escape from our final judgment?" The young pastor's voice sounded tremulously sweet, deep, rich and broken. At the same time, however, he turned his head and looked at the distant bay in an awkward and almost half-frightened way. "It is not just for us; it is for Pearl!" she pled desperately. Dimmesdale didn't say anything. He pressed the left hand against his chest and gasped vehemently. "Arthur! Please! Please!" Dimmesdale didn't know what to say. Or maybe he just didn't have the courage to admit his mental weakness. After graduation from university, he received great help from Governor Bellingham and Right Reverend John Wilson. Without them, he wouldn't have succeeded as a pastor. Now that everyone in this congregation revered him, how could he leave for another place and start all over again?Meanwhile, an old man beheld the whole scene from behind the bushes. His face was distorted with hatred, and his slightly deformed body quivered with agony. After more than two years of voyage, he finally made his way to Boston, only to catch his wife cheating on him. Infuriated at Hester's disloyalty, Roger Chillingworth appealed to the Magistrate in revenge.The next morning, the whole town was shocked to find about the scandalous escape of their godly pastor. "Goodwives," said a stout matron in her forties, "This can't be true! The Reverend Dimmesdale has...

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663 words - 3 pages should have put the brand of hot iron on Hester Prynne's forehead” (106). Although this harsh attitude towards Hester does improve, from her gaining a reputation of making beautiful designs on clothing, she never escapes the feelings of lonesomeness that engulfed her in her life. Hester shows traits of a tragic hero as well as byronic. When the Puritan community finally begins to forgive Hester for her sin of adultery, they inform her that she’s

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553 words - 2 pages Hester Prynne's Heroism Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter focuses on seven years in the lives of four people living in a puritan community in seventeenth century Boston. Hester Prynne, the wife of Roger Chillingworth, falls in love with the Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale and the two have a child, Pearl. The novel explores the effects of adultery on these four characters. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "It is the surmounting of

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887 words - 4 pages Prynne's forehead. Madame Hester would have winced at that, I warrant me. But she--the naughty baggage--little will she care what they put upon the bodice of her gown!’’(Hawthorne 51). Hester is told to speak up and name the father of her child, but she refuses not to. This shows that Hester is willing to stand up alone and she is brave. As Hester grows throughout The Scarlet Letter so does her strengthen. Despite the feeling of loneliness

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605 words - 2 pages this little girl is doomed; her existence is because of broken rules. She embodies all of the emotions that Hester is feeling when she has the affair. From the start Pearl is condemned to sin, just because she embodies all of the ruthless feelings her mother has. Hester Prynne's descriptions and her influence on the other characters in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, is evidence of Hawthorne's belief in anti-transcendentalism. Through all the perils of Hester Prynne's life she is doomed to fall from the beginning. No matter what she does, according to Hawthorne's philosophy, she is condemned to fall.

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552 words - 2 pages . In Prynne's time, religion is taken very seriously, so if a sin is committed, punishment is obligated.The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter both have similarities from their characters of John Proctor and Hester Prynne. They both commit adultery a sin seen as unforgivable by the church. Proctor and Prynne's "unforgivable" sins were punished with severe tactics. Their ties to the church make their punishment for commitment of adultery all the more harsh.

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1191 words - 5 pages truly her fault. Hester is the victim of her husband, Roger Chillingworth's (formerly Roger Prynne) stupidity by sending her to New England by herself, while he remained in Europe. Chillingworth even admitted that it was his fault when he voiced "It was my folly! I have said it. But, up to that epoch of my life, I have lived in vain."(Ch.4, p. 68) Hester is also a victim of fate; when Chillingworth is captured by the Indians when he arrives in

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1079 words - 4 pages ). She obviously lied to keep herself unconvinced, and possibly damn the lives of others. Hester Prynne's state of mind is more benevolent as opposed to self-centered. She decides to safeguard Mr. Dimmesdale and won't give any points of interest on the individual included with her wrongdoing. She decides to live with her transgressions and disciplines that precede. This is another distinction between the two ladies.Another likeness between the two

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1015 words - 4 pages a stout blow. She was "the scarlet letter endowed with life"(Hawthorne 46).Pearl represented the part of Hester dulled by the intense judgment of others and that she was Hester's reminder of the sin she had committed, but also symbolized everything about Hester that was free and alive. Pearl is the only happiness in Hester Prynne's lonely life. Without a child to care for, teach, and love, Hester would have long ago given her soul and life over

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1654 words - 7 pages weak man who puts his public image before his private image. Even in the end Dimmesdale left Hester, alone, to deal with the fallout of his confession.A marked woman from the beginning, Hester faced the scorn of the Puritan community with resolve. Hawthorne was able to show this through the many different sides of Hester Prynne's character, beginning with her name. Hester means star; stars are bright and bring attention to themselves, just as

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1335 words - 6 pages Reverend Master Dimmesdale was Pearl's father and the reason why Hester Prynne stands on the scaffold, their views of him would greatly change. Unquestionably, many individuals sympathize with Reverend Master Dimmesdale due to how his sin is categorized. In this novel, there are two main sins that are being compared, which being an open or concealed sin. An open sin, for example, is considered Hester Prynne's situation. She has to live with the

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652 words - 3 pages friend on earth who dared show himself” (Hawthorn 75). Dimmesdale, similar to Hester, does not escape the hands of fate. Throughout the novel, he is weakened by his shame, his guilt and by the unscrupulous torture of the malicious Chillingworth and his "agency of magic and poisonous drugs" (Hawthorne 176). His excruciating suffering can be seen in his eyes, which “[have] a world of pain in their troubled and melancholy depth” (Hawthorne 103

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