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Reykjavik The Largest City In Iceland Features A Rich History And A Rugged Environment. Torist Atractions,Brief History, Cultural Aspects

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ReykjavikReykjavik, the biggest city in Iceland, features a rich history and an exciting environment. Reykjavik hosts the worlds largest seaport. People come from all over the world to see its massive glaciers and its interesting culture. It is large enough to house over half of Iceland's population. Most people are attracted by its extreme climate which ranges from 42 F in the south to 39 F in the north and that's in the summer time.Because of its environment, over 95% of Iceland's exports are fish and other ocean dwelling creatures. Large shipments of fish can be seen in Reykjavik's huge seaport. Every day life centers around fishing and shipping.Reykjavik's culture has literally remained unchanged since its settlement in the ninth century . Modern day children can read books written over seven hundred years ago in their original contexts with very little trouble. Reykjavik was isolates from the world for so long that their society progressed very little through the years. Icelandic, the countries main language, has changed little in dialect since it was first formed. Although Icelanders consume large amounts of alcohol at ounce their overall alcohol consumption is considerably less than many other countries in the world.Most Icelandic roads are very crude. Instead of using asphalt, gravel and dirt roads are mast abundant. Trucks are the main source of transportation. They are also used for the exportation of goods. Icelanders do not need any railroads they are content with their two lane roads.Iceland was first settled in the ninth century by Scandinavians and Celtics from the British...

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