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Rez Sisters How Are Women Oppressed And By Whom In The Rez Sisters

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Rez sistersQ1: Why do you think that Pelajia can't be chief? And If she could have been chief, would she have been a good one? In this play there are a couple scenes in which we can observe the oppression of women. This specific one comes at the end of the play when Pelajia is talking about how she would get rid of the dirt roads if she were chief but Philomena is fast to respond that there is no way she can be chief because Pelajia is a woman. This shows that women are seen to be inferior to men in that tribe because a woman can not be a leader but a man can. In my opinion, not being eligible to be a chief means that the people, or more precisely the men, do not think that a women has what it takes to be in control, that she is not strong enough or not smart enough and that she can not be trusted with the responsibilities that come with leadership. If she could have been chief I would probably think that she would make a good one because it looks like she is talking as if she can make a difference"Bullshit! If that useless old chief of ours was a woman, we'd see a few things get done around here. We'd see our woman working, we'd see our men working , we'd see our young men sober on Saturday nights, and we'd see Nanabush dancing up and down the hill on shiny black paved roads." (Highway, 114)This passage shows how Pelijia is capable of being a good leader because of her motivation and...

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