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Rfid Technology And Its Applications In Today´S Business World

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Today’s businesses are always looking for ways of making their workforce more efficient. With any vehicle fleet, fuel consumption is becoming a progressively larger cost to the business. And without accurate and real time data it’s very difficult to identify where they can make improvements, leaving their fleet operations without the tools they need to get the most from resources. Different types of GPS tracking and management systems gives you the tools you need to make positive changes, based upon accurate, up to date information. The transparency that GPS tracking and management systems make it possible for businesses to complete more jobs per week, reduce fuel costs, track scheduled maintenance, view proof of visit and time on site, optimize scheduling, routing, reduce administration and time sheets. There are multiple types of tracking systems all used for different types of businesses and workers, some of them are Radio Frequency Identification or RFID and Barcodes. Each one of these systems can hold information about a good or product. Also, businesses can figure out where they are wasting huge amounts of money and time where they should not be. This essay reviews RFID technology and its applications in today’s business world.

The roots of Radio frequency identification can be traced back to World War II. The British asked Watson Watt to lead a secret project, developing RFID to locate which planes were flown by the enemy and which were a country’s own pilots returning from a mission. They put transmitters on each plane they owned, which received signals from radar stations on the ground and broadcasted a signal back that identified the aircraft as friendly. And RFID basically works the same way. A signal is sent which is either reflected back or broadcasts a signal. A few of the technical problems resulted in the gunning down of allied planes. Since then the use of RFID was only used by military defense and armed forces due to the expensive costs. New advancements in science and technology have enabled usage in companies and healthcare, finally being able to make them economical. RFID is now spreading to other organizations and industries making the supply chain management flow easier.
Businesses have new technology changing the way they track goods in their supply chains. Radio frequency identification or RFID is a technology that uses radio waves to find and locate objects, including goods in the supply chains. Roy Want believes that, “Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) has moved from obscurity into main stream applications that help speed the handling of manufactured goods and materials”. An RFID tag is attached to an object making it possible to indicate where the goods are. Using radio waves, the tag projects information and data to network-connected RFID readers with an integrated circuit and an antenna. RFID tags can be put on to basically anything including; pallets, cases, vehicles and individual items. With RFID...

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