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Rfid In The Business World Essay

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RFID's is a non-contact (Wireless) use of radio-frequency from transferring data, for an automated identifying and tracking. These tags may require no battery and can be read at short ranges via magnetic fields. Others use a local power source and emit radio waves. A tag contains electronically stored information which may be read from a distance. Different than a bar code that needs to be in sight.RFID can be used in1. RFID tag attached to a car during production to track its process through the assembly line.2. Medicines can be tracked at warehouses.3. Livestock4. RFID tags can be attached to clothing, possessions and implanted within people5. Tracking of goods6. Tracking of persons and animals7. Toll collection and contactless payment8. Machine readable travel documents9. Tracking authenticity10. Airport baggage trackingHow RFIDS improve efficiency in an operation environmentRFID offers advantages over manual systems or use of bar codes. The tag can be read even if it is not visible. Tags can be read inside any container unlike barcodes.The main point where RFID will benefit is the supply chain sector. This technology can improve the effect and visibility; it can cut administrative costs, enhance utilization of the product, and reduce shrinkage, counterfeiting and increase sales but avoiding out of stocksBenefit towards the operation of the businessTracking of ProductsBusinesses can track products at all times. They can also keep an eye on what's is and inst in stockEnhanced Productivity & Cost AvoidanceIdentifying items by RFID takes less time than using barcode or other less automated ways. This leads to greater process efficiencies in many tasks such as shipping and receivingReduce Manually Entry Errors: Since all inventories would be done in an automated fashion. The chance for a human error is less. As RFID scanning has a greater first time pass accuracy this reduces the number of errors that are generated and retries needed.Reduction in Business Risk & Asset ControlRFID tagging enables better audit & asset control. It enables the ability to track and trace and locate items better and easily. This leads to increased accuracy of record keeping and improved asset maintenance.Enhanced Security & ServiceValidating information relating to an item enables increased security. This contributes to better access control, decline in shrinkage and additional losses and the ability to provide fast and efficient services at the point of need. Plus ability to authenticate information can prevent counterfeiting and fraud.Better Utilization of ResourcesInformation gathered by RFID's can be used to improve planning, save time and better assets utilization.Increase in RevenuesEliminating uncertainty helps companies with supply chain challenges such as fewer shortages and has higher item availability, reducing lost sales and increasing choice leading to more sales.Better ManagementRFID enables processes and procedures to be measured better....

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